❤❤❤ Celia Garth By Gwen Bristow: Character Analysis

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Celia Garth By Gwen Bristow: Character Analysis

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The Major Difference Between Professional And Amateur Writers by John Truby

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I remembered a children's dictionary not just an ABC book with whimsical examples like those given by the people writing to you, first published in the mids when I was very young, and it seemed that it was illustrated by P. As recently as the early s I bought a copy of this book new for my nephew. I'll be eager to find out if this is the book the person was looking for! This sure is fun! Interpreting Condition Grades Eastman, P. The Cat in the Hat Beginner Dictionary. Random House Beginner Books, A well-loved copy, some water damage and hinges taped. Sounds like this one. In many ways, their lives and fears are the same.

A cat called Ta-she seems to bind them together. This is certainly the Cat in the Mirror. Erin experiences her previous life, years ago in Egypt, where her name is Irun. There is a boy named Seti both now in New York and then in Egypt. Pamela F. I don't remember any of Pam Service's titles, except for Winter of Magic's Return , which is not the one the seeker wants. But do some paperback research--Loganberry had a few when I left--and she's probably the author of the stumper title. Y11 is Cat in the Mirror by Mary Stolz.

From the front flap: "This is a story of two girls: Erin and Irun. One lives now in New York City, and one belongs in ancient Egypt 3, years ago. One is fascinated by things of the past, and the other is haunted by a voice from the future. There are other things that bind the girls -- the same appearance, their relationships to their parents, and a cat called Ta-she. Perhaps the two girls are in some way the same person after all. I'm sure it's the one - a very good book!

From the book jacket -- "This is the story of two girls: Erin and Irun. One is fascinated by things of the past, and the other haunted by a voice from the future. She is a loner until a young Egyptian boy, Seti, transfers to her school and befriends her. Mary Stolz, Cat in the Mirror. It's about a girl who has trouble fitting in at a new school, and she receives a blow to the head and is transported years back in time to ancient Egypt. It is a boy who travels back in time, but he does go to Egypt My copy of the book isn't where I thought it was so I can't check for sure without going through every book in the house to find it--that would take weeks!

Mary Stolz, Cat in the Mirror , There are boys named Seti from both times and cat named Ta-she. I think this one may have a similar plotline to what you are describing This instantly rang a bell with me. It's not actual time-travel I think. The two girls Erin and Irun are haunting each other across 3, years. Erin, Erun, friend named Seti, time travel? Seems to match description exactly. Description found on the web: "Erin has a few problems but starts off on the right foot with Seti, the new boy at school who has just moved from Egypt. When he makes it into the "in crowd", he doesn't forget her. The story turns to fantasy when she bumps her head on a museum stone artifact and floats back to the days years ago when she is Irun and Seti is still her friend.

She does recover and Seti seems to know where she's been. This is a good tale of friends that stand the test of time and peer pressure. A girl and her mother? They could only afford bad apples to eat, from the grand house? Then the girl had some magic way of getting other food magic pencils? Emma Pippin and her aunt live in a bus, and eat the bad apples from the orchard the aunt works in.

On a chilly Cleveland day, this comment warms our hearts! Thank you ALL. Golden Story Book 16, pgs. I googled "Terrible Tomkit" and found the following closed alas! I hope this helps. It contains pages of cat stories and pictures. This book fits your description. The diagrams of the hands and string are black with red arrows showing the direction movement of the string.

Also, special notes are in red boxes. However, the only photo is on the cover - it's a headshot of a girl holding up her hands with a string design stretched between them. C [I haven't checked for color of illus. String figures and how to make them; a study of cat's cradle in many lands , w an ethnological intro by Alfred C Haddon. Dover [Scribner ]. Could this possibly be the one wanted?

Our copy is hardback, but the illustations are in black and red. It has actual photographs rather than line drawings so that might not be it. Klutz Press, Cat's Cradle , 80s. Even if this isn't the one being looked for, it is one of the best on the market. Camilla Gryski, Super String Games , This may be too late to be the one you're looking for, but I have it in front of me and it does have black and red illustrations - the hands and string are black, and the red indicates the movements you do. One thing that may set this book apart from others is that it gives the history of each design, and presents a story that you can tell as yo''re making them.

The designs are for children, but they are quite complex. I was really into string games in the s but I've never seen most of these. Johnson, Siddie Joe, Cathy. NY Longmans Cathy's father is a pilot and her mother is doing war work at the airplane factory. The Mexican housekeeper, Rosita, tells her stories of Spanish treasure and ghosts. She learns that the house she and her mother live in near Daddy's training station used to be a farmhouse, and that during the last World War, three children lived there, whose father went away to the army.

Cathy climbs into the attic and finds a blue-painted chest with three names on the drawers - Sarah, Gilbert, and Linda. On Valentine's day Cathy opens the desk and finds a bundle of letters and a beginning Feb 14, , in Sarah's drawer. In the diary are old Valentine cards, inspiring Cathy to make a Valentine bouquet for her mother. Gilbert's drawer has a box of marbles and snake rattles, and a school essay on courage, which comfort Cathy when Rosita can't come and she must manage alone in the house.

The shopkeeper, Mr. George, takes her to catch crawfish with his sons. Linda's drawer has a doll, a tea-set and a copy of a letter to her father. The letter talks about earning money for thrift stamps by killing "the big green fat worms on the potato vines I think the worms look like green dragons. I am St. George, I guess. With some coaching from Mr. George she learns how to "catch one by the little horn" and pull it off the stem of the plant.

She smashes them between two bricks. She begins her own garden and grows radishes, beans and Swiss chard as well as babysitting Rositas grand-daughter and neighbourhood babies. Then she reads in Sarah's diary that the 3 children's father is missing in France and that Sarah is writing a fairy tale to comfort herself, a fairy tale which mysteriously disappears. With the help of Rosita's younger daughters, Cathy searches the old barn and finds a little book with a silver clasp, containing the fairy tale The Silver Princess.

The story and the diary give her courage when her Daddy is reported missing in action. At the end of the book she meets the grown-up Gilbert, just before her own father comes home. This is definitely the book. All the details seem familiar. Thanks so much! There have been several Oregon Trail stumpers before. Rutgers van der Loeff. This is likely one of the first two books in the "Cathy and Carl" series published by the very Christian-oriented Scripture Press, about two siblings and their adventures going west on the Oregon Trail and afterward. The second book was also published in and was titled Cathy and Carl Captured , and included the incident with the Whitmans and the two children being captured by Indians.

This is it! Thank you thank you! I can't believe you found it so quickly. Cal, Carl, well at least I was close! Faber, illustrated by Howard Simon. Hale and Company, However, she soon finds that her sister is the only one who can help her solve a mystery Cover shows two girls on bikes, one blonde, one dark. I would love to let that person know how very very grateful I am!!! I for one would be delighted to send a fee for the wonderful feeling I had when I realized my search was over for one of my books.

C59 cat care manual: Well, it's not Searle's Cats , because I checked our library's copy and it doesn't match up. It was published in , reprinted , illustrated by cartoony line drawings. Ring any bells? Bronson, Cats , I solved my own mystery! I originally posted the query long ago, and I've found the book I was looking for! I have an interlibrary loan copy in my hands right now. I found it by doing a search online in the WorldCat, using the delimiters I could think of My heart sank. But there, the third one down, my little voice told me that was it, and the author's name seemed murkily familiar. On the chance I was right, I ordered it, and well -- a happy ending! Now that I have the right information, I can start searching for a copy of my own - as I said long ago - one that doesn't have to go back to the library.

Bronson, Wilfrid S. Harcourt Brace and Company: New York Anthony Taber, Cat's Eyes , I have even located an original and signed-by-the-author copy!!! Thanks so much for you assistance anyways!!!! Tuttle, Lisa. Illustrated by Una Woodruff. Doubleday, It starts out in a cottage in the woods owned by a homely but happy witch who at one point was a actress who travelled a lot. She has a cat that can think for him self and talks as well. While she the witch learns her lines for a possible job, cat finds the door or window to the other realm their he meets all types of faireies doing all types of things. The pictures are fabulous, the detail is great but do you think I can find it.

So I hope thats enough to go on mail me if you find anything Tanks. Jules has all kinds of adventures including summoning faeries through the television set, etc. Hope this is it!! This does sound like Catwitch, from the description on the Solved list. I love this one best of all the Twins series for the details of their hunting, gathering, cooking and building - plus the humor and suspense. Here's the plot, which takes place in prehistoric southern England. She wrote at least 26 Twins books. Here's a link for them , though I don't think Perkins was very good at criticizing sexism in societies if that were really her intention, as the link implies.

Lucy Fitch Perkins, The Cave Twins Born in , I was read to by my mother from an illustrated children's book about a nuclear family of cavemen remember we are speaking of the late 30s, early 40s. I have no idea of the title, author, publisher or date of publication. The most graphic image I retain is that the children of the family were sewn into all-enclosing garments of animal hides to keep them warm all winter long. The illustrations made the children look like bear cubs with human faces.

Any help in locating this book would be greatly appreciated. See C There's a sequel, so it could be that book too, but I'm not sure. The one about the donuts was made into a film, which was shown to our class around the time we had a Homer Price unit in our reading book in fifth grade. Homer Price definitely deals with the doughnut story but I think that Centerburg Tales has the doughnut story as well as the others. Robert McClosky, Centerburg Tales.

I solved my own stumper! Suddenly the name Homer Price popped into my head. My book is the second one McClosky wrote--first one is just called Homer Price. Josh Webster, Ceremonies,, approximate. Thank you, thank you!!! Margaret Mahy, The Changeover, '80s. Laura, Jacko's sister, visits the neighborhood witches one of them a male, just older than she and becomes a witch herself to counter Braque's powers. Margaret Mahy, Changeover. I'm pretty sure this book is Changeover - the prefect who helps the girl Laura Chant is Sorry - a wonderfully touching angsty romantic hero. Good book. Set in New Zealand, not England, btw. Absolutely no doubt about this one.

The book is set in New Zealand, and Laura Chant must become a witch changeover with the help of Sorenson Sorry Carlisle, a young male witch, in order to save her little brother who is the victim of a kind of spiritual vampire. Excellent book, and still I think in print. Juvenile fantasy book about a girl who finds herself hanging out with a loner boy at her school. Her brother is in danger from some evil force, so she and the boy are trying to save him.

A coming of age story as she grapples with the magic powers that are starting to awaken in her, and the responsibilities of engaging in a relationship. Story set in a city, possibly the States, but could be England. Title could have the word "dark" or "omen" in it? I read this in the early 90's or late 80's. Not sure when it was pubished, the setting was modern times 's's. I really hope you can find this, I have had no luck! Margaret Mahy, The Changeover , Margaret Mahy, The Changeover. Maybe this one? Laura needs to save her younger brother Jacko from an evil man that placed a strange tattoo on his hand that is sapping his life force. She enlists the help of a classmate Sorenson Sorry who is a male witch and learns to unleash her own witch powers.

Romance with Sorenson is a big part of the book. Story about a teenage girl whose little brother is possessed by an evil power that is draining him of life. She saves him by seeking help from a loner boy at her school who has magical powers and helps her to find her own magical powers so she can save her brother. At the same time she gains understanding of adult relationships. Set in a New Zealand town. A great book which won the Carnegie Medal in It's a great read! I'm almost positive this is it: When her little brother seems to become possessed by an evil spirit, fourteen-year-old Laura seeks the help of the strangely compelling older boy at school who she is convinced has supernatural powers.

Its also on the Solved Mystery pages. When her little brother seems to become possessed by an evil spirit, fourteen-year-old Laura seeks the help of the strangely compelling older boy at school who she is convinced has supernatural powers. The setting is New Zealand. Margaret Mahy, Changeover , Sounds just like Changeover! See the Solved Mysteries for more info.

That is the book I have been looking for It really resonated with me and has hung on the corners of mind as something I'd like to re-read again. Book Stumpers - you and your internet friends are my super heroes! This sounds like the changes trilogy - the books are The devils children, Heartsease, The weathermonger. The first is about a girl who is separated from her parents when the change back to a medieval mindset happens -she travels with a group of Sikhs who are not affected, and is able to warn them if anything they do is likely to be seen as 'witchcraft' or evil. Heartsease is set during the changes and The Weathermonger about how they happened and and how they are ended. Although there are clues scattered throughout the books about what's happened to the world, Merlin doesn't actually come into it until the very last book.

Merlin appears in the third book as the reason for Britain becoming anti-technological. Service , In a post-nuclear world, Merlin is resurrected. M Pamela F. Service, Winter of Magic's Return , After years of nuclear winter, Britain is coming alive again, and there is evidence that humanity's next cycle may be an age of magic, not technology. Three teenage "misfits," including Merlin in the body of a 14 year old, begin an arduous journey across the countrys desolate wastes in search of King Arthur, who may still be alive. Along the way they battle dangers and enchantments, finally winning through to an Eden-like Avalon, their task accomplished, and the dawn of magic's dominion at hand.

The action-filled plot and finely drawn characters will hold readers, and while there is no overt anti-war message, the starkness of the bleak landscape, where a sunny day is a cherished event, is a haunting symbol of what might be. There is also a sequel, Tomorrow's Magic. Peter Dickinson, The Weathermonger, Peter Dickinson, The Weathermonger. Not sure, it's been such a long time since I read it, but is there any chance that Lewis' That Hideous Strength is the book referred to? Merlin is definitely in it, and people do hate and fear the machines. Pat Hutchins , Changes, Changes. Maybe this one, if it's a picture book--still in print and you can view the cover online.

Hutchins, Pat, Changes, Changes. Thank you for your help in finding this lost favorite. Putnam's Sons, Illustrated by Syd Hoff. These books were produced by the Advanced Training Institute to support Christian education in homes. You can see a picture of them here , including the growling bear on the cover. If that link doesn't work, just go to iblp. I'm not sure if this is correct or not, but it can't hurt to try. I can't remember all of them, but if you do a search for "House in the Hole in the Side of the Tree" or "Coco's Candy Shop", you should be able to find the whole set. I think there was one book that told more about animals I hope it helps! How cool to see that cover again after all these years I had no idea there were 2 others in the set! Thank you thank you, once again.

Ebay here I come It's a hard one to find, but I have one! I wouldn't have remembered the author myself, but I'm quite a fan of Martha Alexander. Check this out for more on Martha Alexander and a picture of Charles. Illustrated by Martha Alexander. First edition. Slightly soiled, otherwise VG-. I can't find any more info about it right now - on the Net at least. Try your library. She thinks her aunt doesn't want her and so she goes to live in a field and pretends she can't talk so she won't have to answer questions from strangers in the store.

The bugs are earwigs. Her system for staying fed and inconspicuous is as elaborate as E. Konigsberg's for Claudia and Jamie, though the book as a whole hardly compares with Konigsberg's. It's about a girl, whose name might be Rowan, who decides to run away for the summer. I don't think she was particularly unhappy at home. I can't remember the reason, but I think she wanted a little adventure. I think she finds a hedge with a little nook, and she makes her home and sleeps in there. It's a very low key book, but kind of charming. I thought Rowan might be the name of the book, but no searches on that turned up what I was looking for. This might be Charley by Joan Robinson. I think she may have wanted to be called Rowan. Check out solved mysteries under Charley.

Joan Robinson, Charley. I think this may be the book. Rowan is the heroine's real name, but she is usually called by her nickname, Charley. She runs away because her parents are away I can't remember the reason , and she can't get on with the aunt who is looking after the family. The last straw is when she gets the mistaken idea that another, favourite aunt "doesn't want her". I think she does sleep in a hedge and she meets a fawn at one point in the book. Joan Robinson, Charley, Someone on rec. It is a British story about a young girl who runs away thinking it would be nice live on her own. Rowan is the girl's real name, and Charley is her nickname.

Charley is British slang for a foolish person. I have another stumper to post though! It was about a girl who ran away and stayed in a field in some sort of old shelter; a wagon or caravan??. I dont remember a lot of the story. I borrowed it from a library in North Royalton Ohio where I lived at the time. Robinson, Joan, Charley , Robinson Joan G, Charley , Lovely story of Charley, who is sent to stay with relatives in the English countryside.

Believing herself to be not wanted, she sets up camp near her aunt's house. She befriends various people including a gardener at a big house and manages very successfully on her own! Rumer Godden, The Diddakoi. It's not a lot to go on but I wonder if you're thinking of "the Diddakoi" by Rumer Godden? The little girl, Kizzy, is part romany and runs away to try to save herself and her horse, after her grandmother dies. She ends up with a Gypsy caravan of hre own to stay in. If this is the one, it is in print, by MacMillan isbn Might "Charlie" have been one of the characters from there?

I no longer have any of those books, so can't confirm Anyway, thought I'd pass the hunch along In it, Charlie runs away from the alley where he lives in search of the country, where he can play "tiger in the grass. Twilliger's hat from a tree. This is, I believe, the final book in the Wrinkle in Time series. Polly goes back in time to ancient America and meets very early Native Americans. Her boyfriend goes after her and they have several adventures together, but she also grows very attached to one of the Indian men. She and her boyfriend finally make it back to their own time, but their relationship has drastically changed.

Catherine Hart, Charmed. Found the book at second chance bookstore - I was off on the cover - it was a waterfall. C54 is Palmer Brown's Cheerful about the little city church mouse who dreams of living in the country and eventually escapes there by riding in a panoramic Easter egg. C Church mice--no luck with librarians, but a bookseller got another bookseller to look at the book, and it seems Cheerful; a picture-story , by Palmer Brown, is the one I want. I'm awaiting the opportunity of an affordable copy and thank the person who sent it in! I also assume ha that anything famous enough to be on this list would be quickly spotted by one of the experts. I might not have recognized it just by the description, but it did say the story is about a church mouse.

Now if only my dognapping book would turn up right under my nose! Interpreting Condition Grades Brown, Palmer. Stain on lower quarter of dust jacket and book cover. Interior fine. You know, in the meantime, I think I figured it out! Would you have a copy in decent shape? Cheese, Peas and Chocolate Pudding. Here is information both about the story and the storytelling anthology in which it was included: LINK.

Chicago: American Library Assoc. Syd Hoff, Chester , Not sure if this is the book you're looking for, but the horse and the carousel brought to mind a beginner book that I had as a child. Chester is a wild horse who wants to be tame. The cover of the book shows Chester running away from the carousel on which he had pretended to be a wooden horse. Syd Hoff, Chester. Thank you for this suggestion, I think it may be the right one. It is the only story that I came across with the horse jumping ON to the carousel rather than escaping from it.

Thank you for your help though. Kate Seredy, The Chestry Oak. The boy is Hungarian, but otherwise this sounds like the book. The Chestry Oak features a contrasting set of Hungarian and American characters. Prince Michael, a bright and precocious six-year-old early in the story, shows a mixture of assertiveness and dependence typical of his age, enjoying the protectiveness of his nurse while trying to be more independent.

He is eager to show his father how well he can handle a horse, but his father, the old Prince, is preoccupied with the difficult affairs of war and cannot give his son the time and attention he needs. Young Michael is very proud of his Chestry heritage, and on his seventh birthday, he plans to follow the family tradition of planting an acorn alongside the venerable old Chestry oak on his family's estate. I think this is the one you're thinking of. The boy rides dressage on a magnificent horse, his country is occupied by the Germans and his father, the ruler, appears to be a collaborator. Kate Seredy, The Chestry Oak , This sounds like one of my favorite books: Michael, Prince of Chestry an yr-old castle in Hungary is a small boy when the war begins, learning to ride his magnificent stallion, Midnight.

Eventually he escapes when the castle is destroyed, lies injured many months, becomes a DP Displaced Person , meets an American soldier, and learns to deal with the loss of his heritage. That is the bare bones of the plot, but the emotional depth of the story is much greater. Michael's relationships with his father and his old nurse are beautifully described, as well as his love for Midnight and the special steps they learned together. Mahy, Margaret, The chewing-gum rescue and other stories.

The book is still in print. Fiction : Juvenile audience : Cassette tape 3 sound cassettes. Thank you so much for solving my stumper! I ordered the book from [unmentionable] and I just got it in the mail today and it's definitely the one! I'm absolutely delighted! There is a book by Angus McGill and Dominic Poelsma called Augusta the Great , but it's a collection of comic strips that were originally published in the newspaper. The cover of the paperback shows a red-haired girl holding a pair of scissors and looking at her newly shorn headthere's a heap of red hair on the flat surface in front of her. Unfortunately, I haven't read this book, and the only online description I can find isn't very detailed: "When she contracts a case of chicken pox, a ten-year-old writes a series of letters that express her frustrations.

The girl's nickname is Gussie short for Augusta? Oscar spends the summer with his inventor cousin traveling around the United States in a Picklemobile eating chicken in the bag to win a contest, while being pursued by an angry woman with mystical powers, who is also determined to win the contest. I love this service and will definitely return. The plot involved a contest sponsored by a restaurant or diner that required the contestants to visit every location in the US illustrated on a place mat with a map of the country, as I recall and maybe some kind of scavenger hunt.

The diners ranged in quality from barely edible to five star or similar. There was a group in the contest who were the heros of the story, and some other villainous person or group. There was something about a pickle; maybe the diners had a pickle logo, or maybe the heros had a pickle-shaped car. There was some kind of time limit on the contest, maybe a year. Thanks for the help! Manes, Stephen, Chicken Trek, I found a reference to this on Goodreads - someone else remembered that it was a chicken eating contest and the main character travels in a picklemobile.

Sounds like your book! Manes, Stephen, Chicken Trek. Hi, you posted an answer to my stumper. I checked it out and I'm sure that's it. I didn't find this on the Chronic Illness books list. Corcoran, Barbara, Child of the Morning, Barbara Girion, A Handful of Stars, Two possibilities: 1 A Handful Of Stars by Barbara Girion Dell, "Julie, a busy high school sophmore suddenly stricken with epileptic seizures, must learn to live with her condition as the doctors attempt to control it through medication. I found the answer myself.

I think this might be it. I work in a school library and as soon as I saw the description I immediately thought of this book. Exactly as described, red, old-fashioned Santa, recipes and anecdotes. The only difference is it is hardcover. Hope this is right. Thank you so much to the person that recognized this book from my vague description. This is indeed the book I have been looking for! I have a few of these. There are quite a few titles listed, including some books of rhymes, poetry, alphabet and counting.

They are copyright late 's, early '70's. Also, the covers have a 3-D effect picture, glued onto the book. The books are board books. I posted this question The pages are regular paper. Thanks for the input though! Faith Ringgold. Not sure if Faith Ringgold was publishing in the '70's. But originally she worked in fabric and quilt media. I47 I doubt if it is this one that I noticed today: Schwalje, Marjory. Two kittens stitchery by Virginia Tiffany; photo by Xfa-Duesseldorf. Whitman c clothed kittens illustrated by a combination of stitchery pictures and of color photos Tell-a-Tale Robert Louis Stevenson, a child's garden of verses, My husband had this from his childhood--the illustrations are all done in needlework.

Oh, I know this one. Yes, of course. Stitchery by Virginia Tiffany. Western Publishing, A Big Golden Book, Selections from A Child's Garden of Verses. Worn to edges, otherwise VG. She doesn't wiggle out of her clothes, but they talk about how she wriggles like an eel. The poem is by Laura E. Richards Well, if it's the poem about the wiggling girl that's in Childcraft, it's by Laura Richards , so big if if it's poems rather than stories, it could be this anthology by the same author: Richards, Laura E. Nonsense rhymes, including the 'elephant who tried to use the telephant' and the frog 'who lived in a bog on the banks of Lake Okeefinokee'.

It was an anthology about children in many countries. They were short stories, mostly contemporary, not folk or fairy tales. Some I remember: a German or Scandinavian story in which a little boy shrank and made friends with a tiny elf, a Scottish one in which a girl and her brother Crispin? I've wondered if this could have been part of a 70's edition of the Childcraft series, but have never been able to confirm the contents. I believe the anthology you are looking for IS a Childcraft volume. My edition was published in and Vol. The story from Lithuania, Little Peter's Flag , is about the boy and the flag.

Hogmany , the story from Scotland is about Henny and Crispies and the first footing. However, the Irish story is about a leprechaun. The story about the father at sea is from Greece and is entitled Spirodoula's gift. It was a hard cover and I believe the cover was a rusty orange. I don't have the name of the book or the author, unfortunately, however, I remember it was a book with poems, nursery rhymes and short stories one page. Each story had an illustration with it. I remember only a couple of the illustrations - one was of a boy playing with a large black thunderbird flying above him. Another was a picture of two girls sitting in front of a fireplace shelling peas with a cat lying beside them.

There was another picture of an old man sitting in what I believe was a rocking chair. The book started out with the "here we go around the mulberry bush" song and showed several children circling a bush. Any help you can give me on finding a copy or at least the name and author of this book would be greatly appreciated. My sister and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book over and over when we were younger and we have been looking in bookstores and garage sales for years hoping to find another copy. One thing I would like to add after talking with my sister is there was also an illustration in the book showing an old man sitting in a rocking chair. We still have no name or author. That was the orange cover with the blue-and-white illustrations. It is identical to the edition, except the has a red-and-white cover with black and gold illustrations.

My place is in such a state I can't get to my set to check it. It brought many, many hours of peace to both of us but somewhere in one of our moves it must have got lost or thrown out. I'm now almost 50 yrs. The book had various rhymes and one-page stories in it with illustrations on each page. I recall the very first story being "Here we go round the mulberry bush". There was also a story in it about a boy with a Thunderbird and it showed a picture of a young boy and a large black bird. There was another story in the book with a picture of two girls shelling peas in front of a fireplace with a cat beside them.

This book is very sentimental to both my sister and I and I would love to see it again or, better yet, purchase a copy of it. Thank you for your help. G68 girls shelling peas: this sounds like an almost identical query to T thunderbird with little boy - are they from the same person? T was solved as a edition of Childcraft , so perhaps this is the answer for G68 as well? The set had approximately 25 volumes and each was a different, solid color.

For instance, there was fire engine red, pink, dark blue, turquoise, green, purple, orange etc. Though each volume was one solid color, the books would have a horizontal band of photos stretching across the center. They were usually all white or all red in color. In addition, I seem to remember different titles for each numbered book, but they are eerily similar. I'm almost positive the title is something like "Encyclopedia for Children. There were also volumes for fairy tales, science, animals, technology, etc.

Some unique features was an exercise where you were mayor and you turned each page to make different choices about what to build in your town. There were optical illusions, and even information about ligers and tigons, funnily enough. Childcraft Encyclopedia. I'm pretty sure this is the Childcraft Encyclopedia put out by World Book I had this set as a child and I distinctly remember the Things To Make and Do volume, the different colors, and the optical illusions.

I don't remember the mayor one but that sounds interesting! Childcraft: the how and why library. This is a Childcraft set. Our library has the all orange set, the white set, and the set - which is the one that matches your description. Each one is a different color with a band of pictures going across. On page in vol. This week, you can pick only 6 out of 18 buildings that people want to build in your town. You must choose what the people need the most. Turn the page, Mayor, and start deciding.

There was a story of a monkey that jumps into a cake covered in coconut shavings. Another story was a ghost story with two kids in it. She read it to me in the late 80s, but it was old then. I think "Little Black Sambo" was in it, too. Based on some Google searches, I thought this was the "Better Homes and Gardens Story Book," though the cover and inside illustrations I found online didn't match my memory. Though I have been unable to verify this with a contents list, the minute I saw the cover, I recognized it. If anyone could specifically tell me the name of the monkey story from this book, I would very grateful. Childcraft orange editions , , approximate.

I think Little Black Sambo is in vol. Can't remember the ghost story, but that may be in another series. It's definitely "Wappie's Surprise Cake" from the Childcraft book. I read these books too, except in my library they were orange instead of blue! Wagoner , who also wrote a book about Martha Washington. I loved this series or a similar one when I read them during the 's. One possibility is the Childhood of Famous Americans Series. There are lots of titles, all with different authors, but the publisher was the Bobbs-Merrill Company.

This series was called, I believe, Childhood of Famous Americans , and were just that. You won't find them in a set, but under the famous person. Harry S. Truman would be under T and so on. They were written by a variety of authors and are not known to be totally accurate by today's standards. I like them, though, and collect them as I find them. Aladdin Publishing, Childhood of Famous Americans , s. I'm not sure when these were first published, but I remember the orange covers, too.

The books are still being written - with blue covers now. I have answered Jeopardy questions because of having read these books. I think I read all of these that our library carried. Childhood of Famous Americans Series, ss. This is the series. Many have been republished in paperback I am looking for books that we had 50 some years ago in our classroom. They were orange books and the illustrations were sillhouttes. The books were about individual historic figures. Childhood of Famous Americans series , ss, copyright. I remember these well from my elementary school library in the s. Some have been reissued in paperback recently, I've seen them in bookstores. Published by Bobbs-Merrill from 30's's with different illustrators doing the silhouette pictures, definitely Childhoods of Famous Americans series.

On a rainy day, the three children, Chris, Amanda with the ponytail , and Dede with the straight bangs take a trip to India for lack of more interesting things to do. Tor, the troll in the toybox, goes along. Chris draws the wonderful adventures with tigers, natives, elephants, and wild Goppernoppers, and the others help with the painting - they are in the pictures while they are making them. The colors are furious to match the events, and the whole makes a rather indescribable but highly entertaining picture book.

Children in the Jungle is a close match, except for the spelling of Dee Dee. On a rainy day, siblings paint a room filled with animals, which come alive and send them on an adventure. Dangerous situations with the animals chasing them and they paint all the escapes as they happen. Leif Krantz, The Children in the Jungle. This sounds very much like The Children in the Jungle. Chris, Amanda, and DeDe are bored on a rainy day, and start painting animals and an Indian jungle to go around them. They have a troll-like friend who lives in the toybox and continually causes mischief that gets the children in danger.

There's also a scene where the troll is painting a giraffe, and the kids make him take it off the page because it belongs in Africa. Thank you so much for providing this website for us. I just got an answer P to a question I've had for many years. My mother got rid of this treasured book from my childhood, and I couldn't even start to look for it. Thank you so much!!! The boy's name is Tolly, but one of the magical friends is Toby, also Alexander and Linnet.

Tolly, spends the summer at his grandmothers old family home, and meets the children. Set in England. This may be on the solved pages. Several of the boys are Toseland; Toby is the boy from the past and Tolly is the modern one. Boston, The Children of Green Knowe. Tolly is the boy, Toby one of the ghosts of the children who used to live in the stone mansion.

I think she finds Celia Garth By Gwen Bristow: Character Analysis hedge with a little nook, and she Celia Garth By Gwen Bristow: Character Analysis her home and sleeps Is The Great Gatsby Still Relevant To Todays American Society there. No Celia Garth By Gwen Bristow: Character Analysis for alarm. And this means the writing has to be fitted around it.

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