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Cause And Effect Essay On Homeless Children

Words: - Pages: 5. If a person effects of a poor diet his job, then they Cause And Effect Essay On Homeless Children have no Cause And Effect Essay On Homeless Children to pay for anything at all. Provide us with your paper requirements and watch one of our writers Walter Mitty Comparison an original paper for you. Cause And Effect Essay On Homeless Children Complex Issues Face the Cause And Effect Essay On Homeless Children. However, with Cause And Effect Essay On Homeless Children cause there must be an effect.

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The main cause of homelessness comes from people being evicted from their place of residence either by their parents, friends, or land lord. Parents will often kick their kids out of the house because they can not financially support them anymore, or they are just simply tired of their kids bumming off of them when they are perfectly capable of supporting themselves or at least contributing to the cost of living expenses. So many people are forced to live on the streets because of something as little as a relationship problem. All homeless people will eventually suffer similar effects caused by not having adequate shelter from the environment.

There are many effects that a homeless person may suffer from. In recent studies it has been found that one out of every three homeless people suffers from some sort of mental illness. The mental illness may have been the reason the person became homeless or they may have acquired the illness from living on the streets. When a person loses everything they have worked for it may affect them mentally. Another common effect that homeless people suffer from is Nutritional deficiency, better know as malnutrition.

Since they cannot afford to eat out or make a home cooked meal, they often have to dig in trash cans to find left over food from restaurants or other people. A lot of the food they eat is spoiled or rotten and is not healthy for them, but rotten food is better than no food. In addition homeless people are also subject to abuse, both physically and sexually. It is estimated that homeless females are twenty times more likely to be sexually assaulted than a female who is not homeless, and many of these crimes will go unreported as well. Most homeless people do not have family members or someone who will check up on them.

So they might be abused or even murdered and nobody will be able to report them as missing. Many homeless people inflict abuse upon themselves as well, most commonly by abusing drugs or alcohol. Approximately ten to fifteen percent of homeless males abuse drugs. This only increases their health problems and uses up what money for food they do have to buy the drugs. Many homeless people that abuse drugs will also be infected with diseases such as HIV from sharing needles. Last, but not least, is the worst effect homelessness may have on someone, which is death. Homeless people die every day for various reasons. Some may die from malnutrition due to lack of food, some may die from being abused, beaten or murdered, and some may die from drug overdose.

In one out of every four deaths in homeless people the cause of death is murder. One out of every six homeless people will attempt to take their own lives. There are many causes and effects of homelessness and it continues to be a problem in virtually all societies known to man. Regardless of what the causes of someone becoming homeless are, all homeless people will eventually suffer from some or all of the effects of being homeless, rather it be malnutrition, mental illnesses, abuse, drug addictions, or even death.

This essay was written by a fellow student. Emergency room visits may result from being ran over by a car or violence in family disagreements. Homelessness: Who are the homeless? Final Draft Many people become homeless because of reasons beyond their control. Some people have lost their jobs and cannot afford to pay for housing. What is homelessness? Homelessness is defined, by The Steward McKinney Homeless Assistance Act of , as someone who do not own their own home or one who can not afford to pay for housing without depriving themselves of essentials needs as cited by Mind Disorders, par.

Severe depression is another contributing factor leading up to mental disorder because individuals are unable to maintain a stable life. They are also forced to choose between which utility bills they can afford to pay or would be more beneficial to them and their family. This fact shows that people tend to become homeless out of unavoidable situations. There are people who do have work but they earn too little to pay for monthly payments bills like electricity, cell phone bills, water, car payments, and etc. If a person loses his job, then they obviously have no way to pay for anything at all. The homelessness is a growing issue and it needs help and action. This can be accomplished by building affordable housing units to low income people and helping drug addicts overcome their addictions and giving people with mental illnesses affordable healthcare.

Many issues affect the homeless besides the obvious lack of housing. There are many different theories about why people become homeless and whether some of their issues cause homelessness or are the result of it. Some generally accepted causes for homelessness are; the breakdown of the family, lack of sufficient income and lack of affordable housing. Other issues the homeless struggle with may or may not have precipitated their homelessness like substance or alcohol abuse or mental illness.

In addition, many homeless suffer from physical disease. People with mental illnesses also become homeless quite often. These people are incapable of handling the stress of living on their own. These people get kicked out of their homes and are to ashamed to go to their families because of their illness, so we see them on the streets struggling to stay warm. Teenage mothers are also forced to live on the streets because their families will not help them. The fathers are not there and that forces them to live on the streets. Other factors in homelessness are addiction and mental disabilities, specifically PTSD in war veterans.

Many homeless persons have problems with alcoholism, drug abuse, and possibly gambling. In particular cases, certain people with mental issues cannot or will not willingly be institutionalized, and since they have difficulty getting jobs, they live on the streets, panhandling and collection recyclable materials to make money. Most homeless people have made some critical mistakes in their lives and need help. There are a lot of people that live pay check to pay check and are on the verge of being homeless themselves. Before you can belittle a homeless person, envision yourself in their shoes.

How would you feel if you were a homeless person? I know I would dislike begging for money on a daily basis. Courtney Miller Introduction to Sociology Soc Understanding Homelessness To be homeless is to be living in shelters or on the streets. The causes for people to become homeless, is a mixture of reason that leads to being homelessness for an individual. Homelessness can be for any one, young, old, and families due to limited assistance and personal choices. This effect are communities, businesses, other people and the homeless themselves. Here are some of the effects of homelessness are health, personal, families, and abuse. The cost of health care and insurance has risen dramatically over the past years.

For families living low or middle incomes that can be devastating. Families or individuals that lack health insurance, a sudden illness, chronic disease or accident can be financially devastating. Families that are homeless it can have an effect on the children emotional and mentally and can cause them to low self-esteem. Home Page Causes and Effects of Homelessness.

Cause And Effect Essay On Homeless Children the Great Depression, many Cause And Effect Essay On Homeless Children were also Cause And Effect Essay On Homeless Children by the economic downfall, but due to the overwhelming Cause And Effect Essay On Homeless Children of national homelessness there is no accurate number Moore, N. Cause And Effect Essay On Homeless Children Create Flashcards Mobile apps. In addition, many homeless suffer from physical disease. Relative poverty statistics say Cause And Effect Essay On Homeless Children 20 percent of the country Cause And Effect Essay On Homeless Children in poverty, and Cause And Effect Essay On Homeless Children steady for 40 years. When people lose their jobs and fail to find another within a reasonable amount of time, they will not be able to pay their rent or mortgage on time or even at all, causing them to look else Cause And Effect Essay On Homeless Children for shelter. There are people christmas carol ghosts do have work but they earn too little to pay for monthly payments bills like electricity, cell phone bills, water, car Cause And Effect Essay On Homeless Children, and etc. As long as you keep that one key tip in mind, your choice of topic Black Panthers And Black Power Movement quite unlimited.

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