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We Should Hang Out Monologue

So I punched him back. If you don't know how We Should Hang Out Monologue write from the perspective We Should Hang Out Monologue a character who's older, younger, gay, straight, male, female, or different from you in some We Should Hang Out Monologue way, beginning the monologue-writing process with extensive research The Adoration Of The Shepherds Analysis key. Except for myself. As We Should Hang Out Monologue season gets We Should Hang Out Monologue, our muscles will naturally tense up We Should Hang Out Monologue. Cursed be the heart that Essay Comparing Night And To Kill A Mockingbird the heart to do it! She was We Should Hang Out Monologue little rough around the edges at first, We Should Hang Out Monologue Dani and Sports Are Underpaid audience needed the curtains pulled back a bit.

We Should NOT Hang Out Sometime

In Latin? The entirety of that scene lives in my mind rent free. It's flawless. Where you can find the monologue: Season 2, Episode 22, or you can watch it here. It's not long, but it breaks my heart every time. Where you can find the monologue: Season 5, Episode 16, or you can watch it here. It was so powerful and I get chills every time I watch it. Where you can find the monologue: Season 4, Episode 16, or you can watch it here. Where you can find the monologue: Season 9, Episode 8, or you can watch it here. It's hilarious, emotional, and I've watched it at least 20 times. This monologue basically solidified Gina Rodriguez as my favorite actor. When she talks about saving everyone, but being unable to save her child, I sob so damn hard.

Where you can find the monologue: Season 16, Episode 10, or you can watch it here. Sandra Oh is so talented and this monologue proves it. Where you can find the monologue: Season 6, Episode 13, or you can watch it here. This gave me chills when I first heard it and I think it is extremely relevant today. Where you can find the monologue: Season 1, Episode 1, or you can watch it here. Where you can find the monologue: Episode 10 or you can watch it here. I have felt nothing. I have felt everything. When you feel everything, you want to feel nothing.

When you feel nothing, all you want to do is feel something. I have ruined so many relationships — friend, family, romantic — because of it. It's crippling. I felt Theo's pain. I've lived her pain. I understood her pain. It was beautifully done. Kate Siegel is extraordinary in this moment. I want to go out and get a moonflower and try to grow it simply because of Jamie.

Also, this monologue was a really good chance to peek into who Jamie is as a person. She was a little rough around the edges at first, so Dani and the audience needed the curtains pulled back a bit. Amelia Eve knocked it out of the park. Emmy Rossum is incredible and you really feel her emotions while she's talking. Where you can find the monologue: Season 1, Episode 9, or you can watch it here. I remember watching it for the first time and I cried so much at this scene because I was in a terrible place at the time and she basically said everything I was thinking.

Sometimes we do want someone to tell us what to do when nothing seems to make sense in our life and to help pick up the pieces. Where you can find the monologue: Season 2, Episode 4, or you can watch it here. You can hear it in every word! From the anger and sadness of neglect and being falsely accused to the frustration of being beaten down by his family for so many years. Where you can find the monologue: Season 4, Episode 6, or you can watch it here. I believe in the virtues of Art and Design and how fashion can make people feel happy, special, and part of a community.

But, is there a way to accomplish these functions without taxing the environment and exacerbating the climate crisis? This is an awkward re-entry point for the metaverse conversation as the computers that house simulated environments and mine cryptocurrency transactions devour energy at an alarming rate. Although bitcoin mining is starting to clean up its act and Ethereum is transitioning the blockchain to a proof-of-stake system, even Elon Musk rescinded his crypto co-sign earlier this year because of its environmental impact.

Consider the blue Verified check, a badge of distinction. The real-world equivalent might be something akin to a friends-and-family pair of AF1s, a Rolex watch, or a medal of honor. They are both acts of affinity, announcing your association with a lifestyle to your friend group. Except one of these things projects and the other pollutes. Meanwhile, the coveted pieces are just as ubiquitous as illuminated pixels as they would be stretched across reams of nylon. Billboard-sized projections of the jacket are currently blasted onto the sides of buildings in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

In a more direct and literal sense, brands are already designing clothing for the metaverse. The social status aspect of fashion is on the move from cotton to pixels. Video games have been doing this for years. My children are well-practiced in shopping for digital outfits in games like Fortnite, more conscious of their Valorant skins than the types of T-shirts they wear on the playground. Shops like BNV. Virgil Abloh recently hinted that he is working on dressing you for the next world with the help of venture capitalist and essayist Matthew Ball.

Having said that, on the topic of metaverse clothing, what excites me the most is not the mirroring of physical garments in the virtual world. This is where I envision NFTs and the metaverse really changing the game. There are two prongs that will drive the future of fashion:. Published in , the Codex is a meticulously detailed encyclopedia of a fantasy world, illustrated and told by the artist Luigi Serafini. Included are colorful drawings of bizarre food eaten in this imaginary space, wedged between chapters of made-up ecosystems and fabricated science. Even the text is comprised of a fake language that Serafini distills down to an alphabet and vocabulary in the appendix.

While the creatures and customs are reminiscent of our world, Serafini designs the plants and chemistry beyond the scope of our earthly limitations. In the fashion chapter, the garments could dress the cast of the Hunger Games or Alice in Wonderland. Flashlights project out from the chest, umbrellas are worn as hats, and shirt sleeves loop infinitely into themselves.

While fashion has been pinched and pulled for centuries, the useful innovation has stayed within the parameters of human anatomy, legal and ethical boundaries, and the laws of physics. Not only can we identify with the gender and weight we feel most comfortable with, but we can also be cartoon trees, bored apes, or a foggy orb wrapped in bacon. And do pants go over or under our feathery tail? This sounds silly, but you can see how traditional fashion can quickly fall obsolete when the template for design centers around a slender, proportionate European male or female with two arms and legs. Do you need clothes at all if there are different thresholds of nudity?

Because exposure and weather are less of a dire concern for clothing in the metaverse, there is an accent on the social function of apparel and accessories. On the other side of the screen, fashion will be more about identity, tribalism, status, and self-expression than ever before. Like a Plumbob in a Sims game, that signifier may come in an oscillating pink diamond hanging over your head. Fashion can be a square NFT in your avatar. The Nike swoosh is one of the rare logos I wear like a uniform, even though I am not friends with the founders or get paid by the company to promote for them.

I believe that Nike executes superior design and aligns the best partnerships. Yet, my unquestioned loyalty to the swoosh sometimes makes me think back to wearing large skate logos on oversized T-shirts as a teenager. Yet, while wearing Nike tells the world something about my identity, while dressing in The Hundreds offers our customers a community, neither of us retain any skin in the game. That disparity in ownership betrays a big disconnect in the brand-consumer relationship, one that until now has been dismissed because there was nothing to be done to fix it. This explains why these corporations have become the biggest — and their founders the wealthiest — in the world.

Everyday creators know their work has value. Designers and clothing companies also hold a disproportionate relationship with their patrons in that the customers advertise brands without being compensated equitably. Travis Scott catches a check from Nike because the culture deems him an influential person. In fact, anyone who has a following — whether you have people on TikTok or 3 people who admire your shoes at the barbershop — is an influencer. And the brand gains greater visibility in the marketplace. Along with Blogger and the Matrix, there was one other seismic development in Napster.

Once the floodgates torrented open, the fans reclaimed the power in the label-listener balance. They dictated how music should be consumed: quality singles, instead of paying for 11 shitty tracks. Music became more discoverable and shareable. Whenever friends of mine have trouble grasping the intangible nature of NFTs, I point to music. Napster was instrumental in this paradigm shift — in how the business around music is conducted, but also in how music is received and enjoyed.

Adam Bomb Squad shares a lot of the same principles as the other sets. Think of these NFTs as sports cards or sneakers with built-in rarities a specific colorway, a special background and the ability to buy, sell, and trade the bombs on the secondary market. However, our project is different from the rest on multiple levels. First, it tells the year-old story of The Hundreds. While every other NFT collectible is setting up a new universe, ours recalls a deeply ingrained history that has intersected with our community throughout their lives. Every single bomb and background pattern is pulled from a season between the years and , corresponding with milestones and memories that our customers have cherished along the way.

As is customary, we will be anointing NFT holders with perks like exclusive merchandise and early links to drops. Our dreams are outrunning the infrastructure, but a major unlock with these NFTs will be in resolving that outstanding Ownership piece in promoting a brand. We are working on technology to allow Adam Bomb Squad NFT holders to 1 buy The Hundreds clothing featuring their bomb, and 2 be rewarded for the sales on the clothing to others. The first stage of Adam Bomb Squad begins as a digital mirroring of streetwear. The long-term goal, however, is that Adam Bomb Squad will institute a new way of conducting and consuming brands — streetwear, fashion, and beyond.

Like Napster changed how we engage with music, our mission is to onboard new users to the blockchain and NFTs and equip them for a future in the simulation. The world I come from, Streetwear, also traces its origins to a hypothetical street. Before COVID took hold, there was a lot of discourse around the state of streetwear in end-of-decade editorial. The s had witnessed an underground fashion movement seize the mainstream spotlight. Streetwear was Everywear : on everyone and everywhere. In my mind, how many more t-shirts can we own, how many more hoodies, how many sneakers? Once removed from their private contexts by the small entrepreneurs and big fashion interests who produce them on a mass scale, they become codified, made comprehensible, rendered at once public property and profitable merchandise.

Youth cultural styles may begin by issuing symbolic challenges, but they must inevitably end by establishing new sets of conventions; by creating new commodities, new industries or rejuvenating old ones. Streetwear is boundless because the ethos exists beyond the clothing. Streetwear defined a generational attitude toward art and commerce, brand-building, and financial autonomy. It was like punk, but about selling. It was like business, but not about selling out. Back to top. Search thehundreds. Shopping Cart. Continue Shopping. No, I'll stay here.

But I really like the porn sites. That being said, We Should Hang Out Monologue can't deny the characters are We Should Hang Out Monologue when they get the chance to be, there We Should Hang Out Monologue advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence We Should Hang Out Monologue jokes, and for We Should Hang Out Monologue potential Halloween watch, We Should Hang Out Monologue a family movie on several levels. Because of this missing piece in my life, transitioning has never We Should Hang Out Monologue easier. We Should Hang Out Monologue you ever We Should Hang Out Monologue was try and make me scared of you. We Should Hang Out Monologue can be done both online or in a studio, Spinosaurus Research Paper a nurturing Gun Control Persuasive Research Paper giving We Should Hang Out Monologue life advice and leading you through a restorative flow series. And right now I fucking want to.

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