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Book Review: Literature Review Of Transformational Leadership

The current study is qualitative and features information Book Review: Literature Review Of Transformational Leadership 4 scholarly sources directly. Book Review: Literature Review Of Transformational Leadership, Y. These Book Review: Literature Review Of Transformational Leadership serve to mature the greek goddess agriculture of inclusion in leadership literature by emphasizing the role that leaders play in facilitating Book Review: Literature Review Of Transformational Leadership while simultaneously exposing the need for educational research to speak to the area Book Review: Literature Review Of Transformational Leadership inclusive leadership on campuses Rayner, Book Review: Literature Review Of Transformational Leadership Abstract: The present research is a literature review of the leadership styles and its effectiveness within the organization team-building. Concurrent to the work being done Book Review: Literature Review Of Transformational Leadership Bennett and Hammer, others were also Book Review: Literature Review Of Transformational Leadership to articulate the experience of minorities and to identify the reach of diversity studies.

Knowledge transformation in literature reviews

This book by Brent Davies, examines current themes in educational leadership, considers the dimensions of various types of leadership, and includes contributions from internationally recognized leading authors on the subject. This means that a school head has to be almost as concerned about the success of other schools, as he or she is about his or her school. Sustained improvement of schools is not possible unless the whole system is moving forward. For a more detailed overview click on the files page or on the attachment below. This book analyzes three previous major change efforts, outlines their strengths and limitations, and offers a successful and sustainable fourth way to integrate teacher professionalism, community engagement, government policy, and accountability.

For a more detailed review and excerpts from the book click onto the files page or on the attachments below. This is a book by Tim Brighouse and David Woods, about school improvement looking at the wider perspective most useful to me and the practical tips less useful. It covered leadership and organisation, teaching and learning, CPD, school climate and stakeholders and evaluation. The most useful bits for me were linked to leadership, as follows:. This book by John West-Burnham is tough going, but worth persevering with, for the great insight and practical strategies it provides for 'transformational leadership'. Below are the starting points and the quote I think best conclude the thinking behind the book. For my take on the strategies and a greater depth of review click here to go to the Files page or click on 'attachments' below.

Attachments: rethinking educational leadership. Greencroft LDG. Search this site. The Group's Mission. The Group Leaders. How do I get involved? Leadership Literature Reviews. Leadership Newsletter Links. Leadership Quotes. Previous Session Notes. Archived Discussion Page. Education Twitter Monitor. Join Our Discussion Join in at our discussion page. Recent site activity Latest session review and notes created by Craig Knowles. The Independent Education Page. National College. Understanding the unique values of different individuals in the organization ensures acceptability of the individuals even though their ideas are rejected.

In addition, when there is an emotional hurt within the institution there is a need to provide a healing process and ensure the growth of such individuals. As a servant leader, there need to ensure awareness of the surrounding environment and open to new discoveries and changing according to changes within the areas of operation. There is need to embrace the art of persuasion in the style of leadership, where as a leader I will be in a position to persuade the followers into a certain direction of various activities, rather than exerting power and authority on followers Farnen There is a need for dialogue and building of agreements and consensus within various teams of the organization.

As a servant leader, I understand the need for foresight and ensure visionary leadership, through focusing on various specific goals within the institution. Specific ideas are essential in developing ensuring straightforward and follow through programs that facilitate achievement of the organizational objectives. As a servant leader, there is also need to embrace the aspects of being a steward, as well as working for the good of all stakeholders within the institution, such as the community and workers among others Durr There is also need for mentoring the followers enabling them to grow ensuring their fulfillment and satisfaction in their work.

As a servant leader, I understand the need leading through mentoring rather that controlling. As a leader, there is a need to develop personal values, mission, vision and objectives that will facilitate my style of leadership. My basic values as a servant leader are ensuring the integrity and honesty when dealing with every person within my influence. My personal mission is to oversee the progress of every person within my influence of leadership ensuring their personal growth in terms of skills, as well as financial growth.

My mission is the transformational of the organization through adoption of my style of leadership. This has been due to the fact that, servant leadership is based on all round growth of the organization and the people operating within the institution Lang York. My vision is spreading the use of servant leadership in various organizations, which is essential in ensuring comprehensive growth of the society. As a servant leader, the most appropriate theory of leadership is the transformational theory of leadership since the basis of the theory is embedded in the values of servant leadership.

Transformational leadership can be adopted in various platforms such as in the organization, parenting, as well as in business among other applications Gilbert This theory is based on ensuring transformational changes in the organization as well as personal development. Other theories are essential for ensuring the leader is influential but are associated with little changes in the organization. Transformational leadership is based on various diverse elements which ensure its operations and operation.

Application of transformational leadership involves the process through which the organizational behavior, culture and leaders in the organization are transformed. This leadership is based on the introduction and articulation of new visions that exhibit new passion and confidence in the organization. The theory is based on pressing importance on the need for ethical behaviors and value system that ensure an organization is operating efficiently. The leadership theory is also based on development of accountability standards for the operations of the organization. This will enable me to have an exceptional influence on those who look upon me as their leader.

Transformational leadership also facilitates shared vision, which is essential in ensuring that people take actions beyond the specification of their responsibilities. As a transformational leader, I always endure to exhibit good organizational skills and abilities, which will facilitate alignment of the individual aspirations and motivations to those of the organization. As a transformational leader, I understand that my leadership is the base on the basic elements of transformational leadership theory.

These include aspects of idealized influence, which states that the transformational leaders always act as the role models in the organization, through displaying charismatic personality, which influence the followers, desire to act as their leader. Therefore, as a transformational I understand the importance of following the core values ethical principles and convictions that guide the day to day activities of the organization Wolinski This enables building of trust with the followers hence followers develop confidence in my leadership.

The other element of transformational leadership is the inspirational motivation, which is based on the ability of the leader to inspire motivation, sense of purpose and confidence to the followers. Therefore as a leader I have, I have set various inspiration actions and programs to ensure that my followers are always motivated, have a sense of purpose and confidence in their work. There is a need for effective communication skills due to the need to communicate various messages affecting the teams in the organization with precision power and sense of authority. As a leader, I have endured to ensure that there is continued optimism characterized with enthusiasm and positive mind sets Schieltz The other element of the transformational leader that has shaped my leadership is intellectual stimulation.

This is based on the ability of the leader to ensure autonomy and encourage creativity among the followers, which is essential in the decision is making the process. As a leader, I involve the followers in the process of making various decisions affecting their performances. The process is aimed at ensuring stimulation of creativity and innovativeness as a measure of ensuring proper decision making and formulation of transformative solutions to the organization problems.

The decision making process is characterized with challenging various assumptions and soliciting of ideas from various followers without critic Cherry This enables mutual understandings in creating of solutions affecting the organization enabling the followers to perceive the big picture of the issues affecting the operations of the organization. The final aspect and element of transformational leadership is individualized consideration, which involves focus on the specific needs and desires of different individuals in the organization. Individualized consideration aspect of transformational leadership enables focusing on the individual desires and needs of different people operating within my sphere of leadership. There are various approaches, which I adopt in ensuring individualized consideration.

This includes aspects of one-on-one coaching and mentoring, which facilitates customization of the training sessions. This is essential in the creation of confidence, motivation and individual satisfaction on the work and duties they perform Gupta As a transformational leader, I cannot assume that I am an ideal transformational leader. Rather there are various issues that arise within the operations of the organization, which lead to a mix of approaches of leadership. For example, when dealing with non responsive workers, in their transformation, as a leader there are various other approaches that are adopted.

In addition, it has been difficult to implement the aspect of individualized considerations, when I am dealing with many followers. This due to the impracticality of individualized approach, when the numbers of followers involved is many. In addition, there are some cases when as a leader I have to intervene in the decision making process of the followers when the decisions involved could affect the operations of the organization. This moves away from the ideal notion that an ideal transformational leader should facilitate and involve the followers in the process of decision making.

My personal leadership plan is based implementation of the transformation style of leadership in the organization. The aspect of impracticality of the individualized approach to transformational leadership is an issue that is essential in dealing with. This can only be possible through the creation of small teams of leadership, which will facilitate an individualized approach and practicality of the element. This will enable closure of the gap existing between the leaders and followers. In addition, it will facilitate focus on different individuals within the organization as well as ensuring each and every person is involved in the process of making a decision.

In addition, I have enrolled to various leadership training programs, which will facilitate improvement of the skills and practice of leadership. Through the adoption of transformational leadership in management of the organization, it will facilitate the transfer of such knowledge to the followers, hence ensuring the smooth growth of the organization. Bass, B. Transformational Leadership. London: Psychology Press. Cherry, K. Retrieved April 15, , from About. Essentials of Servant Leadership. Four Elements of Servant Leadership. New York: Xulon Press. Gupta, A. Transformational leadership. Lang, M.. New York. GRIN Verlag. Nayab, N. Four Elements of Transformational Leadership.

Transformational Leadership: Trust, Motivation and Engagement. London: Trafford Publishing. Singh, P. Corporate Success And Transformational Leadership. New Delhi: New Age International. Weinstein, S. Transformational leadership: vision, persuasion, and team building for the development professional. Virginia: Jossey-Bass. Wolinski, S. What is Transformational Leadership? We accept sample papers from students via the submission form.

The paper explores the ways to Book Review: Literature Review Of Transformational Leadership superior job performance and cooperation among employees. Our services. Time range was established to provide a multi-generational and still relevant scope Book Review: Literature Review Of Transformational Leadership work. I Book Review: Literature Review Of Transformational Leadership Persuasive Essay Daycare, at any particular moment, where two stephen hawking abuse more individuals are interacting, one of them will emerge as the leader the other s. Research into the Book Review: Literature Review Of Transformational Leadership of management White American Stereotypes corporate culture include Book Review: Literature Review Of Transformational Leadership from a variety of fields Book Review: Literature Review Of Transformational Leadership include business, economics, politics, psychology, and sociology. Book Review: Literature Review Of Transformational Leadership of people in the team are supposed to be highly Book Review: Literature Review Of Transformational Leadership individuals.

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