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Once the signed application is received, the administrator uploads this and completes the online submission to the funder. Two standing subcommittees of the IRC will be responsible for the scientific review of protocols requiring human or animal ethics clearance. The two standing subcommittees of the IRC namely the Human Research Scientific Review and the Animal Research Scientific Review subcommittees will be responsible for establishing an explicit and formal scientific review process that evaluates the scientific merit and potential risks of each protocol before the protocol is submitted to Faculty's Human or Animal Research Ethics Committees.

Andruween in turn will log the application with a tracking number. Hardcopies will be requested only once the relevant IRC subcommittee has approved the application. For protocols requiring human scientific reviews , the following materials are to be submitted:. If your protocol is a sub-study of an existing study, please include a brief description of the parent study, the current status of the parent study, and how the sub-study will fit with the parent study.

Andruween will forward the proposal electronically to the subcommittee Chair who in turn assigns the proposal to a member of the subcommittee as primary reviewer. The secondary reviewer will be assigned by the subcommittee member and will be drawn from the names of potential reviewers as per applicant's recommendation. Protocols to be reviewed within one week. Comments of primary and secondary reviewers will be sent to all members of the relevant subcommittee. Each subcommittee will meet and consider all reviews. Hardcopies of approved proposals will be requested and signed on the same day. Approval of resubmissions is however at the discretion of the subcommittee Chairs and outstanding or major issues may be held over to the next subcommittee meeting.

Due Dates for submission of applications for Scientific and Ethics reviews are listed here. The IRC Committees will not normally review Grant applications unless a complete protocol is submitted for review. Protocols that are the result of successful grant awards following the C1 process, and that have already undergone scientific review , will only be re-reviewed by the IRC if substantive changes to the study design have taken place.

Mechanisms are in place to deal with urgent applications. Please notify either Keren Middelkoop or Jo-Ann Passmore, and Assistant Research Management Accountant Joy Joachim well in advance of a looming deadline should this be anticipated, so that the necessary arrangements can be made to expedite the approval process. An additional column has been added to accommodate due dates for required signatures. Skip to main content. The form is sent online to Departmental Research Finance Staff Budget Reviewer to complete project-related finance information that was discussed with the PI prior to submission of the form. When the Budget Reviewer has completed the Financial Information, the form will be returned to the PI for review of the financial details.

The PI confirms their agreement with this financial information and sends the form to the Finance Approver step.

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