❤❤❤ Reflection: Newcomers Hope Club And The Fifth Wave

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Reflection: Newcomers Hope Club And The Fifth Wave

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A Simulated World

Unlike Joker's regular Grappling Hook up special, which grabs the enemy and does damage while pulling them to him, Wings of Rebellion has no use aside from getting lots of airtime, as it does no damage whatsoever. Instead of ignoring stage hazards like they usually did in the prior games, the AI goes to the other extreme and is now ultra-cautious of them, where they will try very hard to avoid them, often using their up-specials to get away from them even if nowhere near them, and in the process leaving themselves heavily vulnerable or even outright self-destructing from their recovery moves carrying them offstage.

In World of Light , setting the AI difficulty to Hard can result in the AI jumping around a lot and end up killing itself by falling off a ledge and being unable to recover. That thing where you kill a wounded ally Assist Trophy for an extra point? AIs will do it in Spirit Battles where the points don't matter. The AI can adapt surprisingly well to certain Custom Stages, but a lot of things will trip them up. One obvious problem is them not knowing whether or not a shape of terrain is usable.

For example, if there is a square of terrain and an identical square directly on top of it, the AI will plummet trying to hang on to the lower square, which is blocked by the higher one. Ridley appeared as a background character in the N64 original, a trophy in Melee , a recurring boss in Brawl 's Subspace Emissary, and a stage hazard in Wii U 's Pyrosphere before finally becoming a playable character. Daisy was formerly a palette swap for Peach before becoming a playable character in her own right as Peach's Echo Fighter. He still takes part on Pair Up, oddly enough. King K. Ken was a trophy that accompanied Ryu's DLC pack in the previous game before getting the call-up here. The Piranha Plant , big time. It's one of the few iconic Mario mooks that has never had a playable role, relegated to obstacle, background element, simple enemy or as an item in both main series and spinoff games, including in this series, where it's only had a couple cameos.

Ultimate is the first time a common Piranha Plant has been playable. The Saffron City stage had a glitch in the original Smash that if you hit the Chansey that popped out hard enough, it would go flying out the back through the wall. The Ultimate version of the stage keeps the glitch. In Melee , there was a glitch that, when performed, allowed you to play as Master Hand , but it wasn't practical due to the game crashes it frequently caused. Several more crashes and Game Mods later, one of the final parts of World of Light has you play as Master Hand where you use nearly his entire moveset to slaughter hordes of puppet fighters so the heroes can stop Galeem and Dharkon. Another well-known Melee glitch concerns the Super Scope, and the ability to get infinite ammo for it.

This game's iteration of the "attack the credits" game arms the player with an infinite ammo Super Scope and sets them loose. Ascended Meme : For years, it was accepted as fact that Ridley would never be a playable character in Smash because he was "too big"; i. When he was finally announced to make his Smash debut here, what was his newcomer blurb? That's right: Nintendo just referenced Evo Moment 37 in a trailer.

It may be only a coincidence, but in the opening sequence, we can see Fox being shown in Final Destination among all possible stages. When Guile is summoned as an Assist Trophy, he simply crouches down in one spot, destroys projectiles upon impact without being damaged and uses Flash Kick when a player comes too close. Anyone well-versed in the Street Fighter Meta Game will recognise this as a viable and infamous tactic. According to the Tips writer, they hear that Falco "prefers the air anyway" on the topic that his blaster fires faster while airborne. On this occasion, it's a far-from-miserable little pile of spirits hailing from the Castlevania series!

Back from the Brink : World of Light starts with only Kirby playable, as everyone else has been wiped out completely. It's then up to him to rescue them and take back their world. The Bad Guy Wins : Both bad endings to the World of Light mode; you defeat Galeem or Dharkon, but that simply allows their rival to claim victory and conquer the world, killing everyone all over. Badass in Distress : The entire cast except Kirby is this in World of Light after Galeem atomized everyone, with everyone turned back into trophies, cloned and kept guarded by said clones, and due to their power, both Bayonetta and Palutena are kept guarded as far away as possible by Galeem and Dharkon 's forces.

Bait-and-Switch : Isabelle's trailer starts off like an Animal Crossing game until she mentions the mayor being busy in Smash. Then she expresses shock when she finds her own invite mailed to her. They want me in Smash?! Rool in World of Light is a literal DPS check, sporting hundreds of HP and a time limit of only one minute, but zero inclination to do anything more than sit there and eat randomly-spawning food.

Damn You, Muscle Memory! Players more used to Melee will also find it difficult to adapt to not only how hard it is to wavedash, but also how nerfed it is in this game, and all Smash players will take time to adjust to how collision in the game works. Furthermore, players who are used to shielding with the R button on the 3DS version may get thrown off by the fact that it is now the grab button.

Getting too used to some of the abilities available in World of Light, like super armor when charging smashes or extra midair jumps, can cause problems when playing the modes without those upgrades. Many a player has fallen victim to Ike's buffed Eruption, which now shoots out additional flame pillars when used based on its charge level. Players too used to the mediocre range of the attack in previous games may end up on the receiving end of a shield break after standing outside what they think Ike's attack range is. Perfect shielding, otherwise known as Parrying, has changed from what it was in every Smash game before, going from " Press the block button right as the attack hits you" to " Release the block button right as the attack hits you", meaning you have to preemptively put up your shield in order to properly punish your opponent for throwing out an attack.

You can no longer react to attacks with a perfect shield, which throws many players off. There are jokes among the community how most parries are accidental. No more can you pass through other players and even assist trophies. Some players take a while getting that. Darker and Edgier : Inkling, Ridley, Simon, and Sephiroth's respective trailer reveals, in comparison to reveal trailers of the previous games. Inkling's ends with them staring at the Smash logo on fire, surrounded by darkness and Ominous Chanting.

Ridley's has Mega Man brutally stabbed by Ridley himself before he grabs Mario by the head. Sephiroth's trailer has him introduced by first worfing World of Light's Big Bad Galeem with one swing of his Masamune, and then brutally plundering the fighters who were confronting Galeem, including a moment where Mario appears to be impaled by Sephiroth. Overall, Ultimate continues a trend from Smash 4 with rather violent trailers in dark, realistic locations. The game's story mode likewise has higher and much darker stakes than even The Subspace Emissary did.

While the destruction of the entire universe was prevented in Subspace , this story opens with the Big Bad Galeem successfully doing so, obliterating not only all the main playable characters sans Kirby, who was barely able to escape , but every other video game character in the entire universe as well. Put simply, the Darkest Hour is already here, everybody's almost dead the playable characters are now trapped in limbo, their bodies used to create red-eyed Empty Shells ; the non-playable characters only living on as ghost-like wisps called Spirits bearing their images on them , and Kirby is the only one who can get up and stop it. Even past the beginning, the mode's story is overall more dramatic and serious than usual for Nintendo, especially when Dharkon who makes Tabuu and even Galeem look like normal Nintendo characters appears Dark Is Evil : Dharkon is the lord of darkness to Galeem's light, seeking to both eliminate Galeem and to envelop all of existence in shadow.

Friendly Fireproof is not on and their attacks do more damage to one another than they do to the player due to the two despising one another , making luring the two into harming each other a major aspect of the fight. It is almost possible to defeat the two using nothing but this tactic; the only thing stopping you is that the game requires you to personally deal the final blow. Deconstructive Parody : The Belmonts' trailer has Luigi trying to use his Luigi's Mansion 3 toolset to defeat the monsters in Dracula's Castle of all places.

His usual tools like the flashlight don't work on them since they're corporeal , resulting in him "dying" at the hands of Death. Even as Luigi's soul is about to return to his body at the end, Carmilla pops over to scare the crap out of him one last time. Defeat Equals Explosion : It's a Smash game, so enemies getting thrown off the stage results in them exploding in a huge pillar of energy upon defeat. When both are killed in the True Final Boss fight, Galeem and Dharkon both crash into the ocean and explode in huge blasts of light and darkness, respectively.

Defeat Means Playable : Aside from the usual Challenger Approaching unlocks, spirits are Deprogrammed when defeated, allowing you to add them to your Spirit Teams. Once the real Master Hand and Crazy Hand are freed through their defeat, Master Hand becomes playable in one special battle where he fights 50 puppet fighters by himself to clear the way for the actual fighters. The limited Sephiroth Challenge mode was available to people who purchased Sephiroth individually or as part of Challenger Pack 2 for five days prior to his release. Beating Sephiroth in this mode unlocked him as well as the Northern Cave and the new Final Fantasy music, in advance of the wider release.

While Noir herself watches from the background, and Oracle commentates during Joker's Final Smash, Crow himself doesn't appear at all, owing to him not having a cameo on Mementos and his absence from the "Phantom Thieves of Hearts" Spirit artwork. Note This is very likely due the Spirit in question's artwork being comprised of the official art of the thieves, and Crow's official artwork being witheld by Atlus for a future reveal. Said artwork was accidently leaked via an official wallpaper before being pulled and replaced with a cropped version of his All-Out Attack finisher screen. If you manage to find your way to one of the other paths at the beginning of World of Light after Master Hand blocks your way but before defeating your first boss, the shield guarding the character from the front automatically breaks.

You can unlock each type of Mii Fighter the old-fashioned way instead of creating one by fighting their Spirits in World of Light. This gives you the Mii shown in the artwork with a default moveset. Chances are you'll run across the Shadow Dragon axe users first, but you can also use Reese and Cyrus or Guts Man to do the job of fixing the bridges. EXE works just as well. In the pre-rendered cutscene depicting the conflict between Galeem and Dharkon leading up to the final battle , the only characters depicted as witnesses are Kirby, Mario, Bowser, Fox, Simon, Pit, Samus, Zelda, Sonic, and Greninja.

By the time you get to this point in World of Light, you are guaranteed to have all of the mentioned fighters on your team, even if you avoided freeing characters whenever possible. Mario is always the first fighter you battle. Bowser is achieved after beating Giga Bowser. Fox guards one of the switches to the Temple of Light, in which you save Simon and Pit to unlock the eastern part of the map, where Samus is the first obstacle to reach Rathalos. Zelda and Sonic are required to fight Ganon, and Greninja is on the path to Marx. The only other "mandatory" fighters excluding the variable pairs of Marth and Pac-Man, Sheik and Yoshi, and Villager and Lucario note which pair is mandatory depends on the route you take after freeing Mario who are absent are Young Link, Cloud, Ganondorf, Ike, and Meta Knight.

However, the fact that there is less knockback to attacks in stamina mode is acknowledged if the Guidance is played there. Because Kirby needs to taunt to get rid of copy abilities manually, taunts are not disabled in Quickplay for him when he has one. The game prevents you from manipulating the camera during a Stage Morph. This keeps the player from potentially breaking the immersion if they are transitioning from a 2D stage to a 3D stage or vice versa. Also, Sonic similarly takes damage while he's in the water, a reference to his notorious Super Drowning Skills.

Stamina matches will prevent Pichu from killing itself with its Final Smash by never letting its HP go below 0. Alucard, a half-vampire, does not appear as an Assist Trophy in stages with reflections. Defeating the Rathalos while it is trapped in a pitfall trap has it fall unconscious while still buried in the trap a la capturing a Rathalos with a pitfall in Monster Hunter. Joker's victory animations have him continuously running, while the other characters stay in place at the end of theirs; however, he has a unique victory animation where he stays idle if he's not the leading player on the winning team of a Team Battle note though it's recycled from his up-taunt and idle stance. Every single character has a unique animation when K. As in previous games in the series, certain characters, namely the casts from Star Fox , Fire Emblem Awakening and Kid Icarus , will say a unique victory quote if they win against an opponent they're closely associated with.

For example, if Falco defeats Fox in a fight, he'll quip, "You're off your game, Fox! Simon is the only character who has a unique victory quote against a character that isn't from his home series, in his case, if he beats an opponent associated with darkness Dark Samus, Bayonetta, Ridley, Dark Pit, Ganondorf , he will proclaim, "To darkness! Both Fox and Wolf will say a special line if they use their Final Smashes against each other. Fox: This is the end for you, Wolf! Hard Levels, Easy Bosses : World of Light can have some very frustrating spirit battles an infamous one being Pauline ; however, for the most part the bosses are a lot easier, except for Ganon, Dracula, and the True Final Boss. Haunted Castle : Dracula's Castle from the Castlevania series is a new stage.

Various Gothic Horror monsters such as The Creature , a Werewolf , and Death will pop into the darkly lit level, with Dracula himself occasionally appearing. In World of Light, it also appears as one of the sub-areas, with the layout and placement of Spirits directly mirroring the levels and enemy placements of the very first Castlevania. Master Hand even helps out by plowing his way through an army of puppet fighters. Hope Spot : Galeem gets utterly annihilated by Sephiroth during his reveal trailer Hope Springs Eternal : Essentially the theme to the lyrics of Lifelight, which shows in World of Light; the Smashers may have been wiped out by Galeem, but there's still hope of them being saved and getting back up for round two.

Hyperspeed Escape : Kirby manages to survive the attack at the start of the World of Light by virtue of pushing his Warp Star to the absolute limits of its speed, eventually causing himself to temporarily blink out of existence and send Kirby to the new world. Iconic Item : An envelope with a red wax seal of the Smash logo on it, originally created for the Smash 4 reveal to tease the Villager's inclusion, got a huge following in the Smash fanbase after that trailer.

As such, it appears in a lot of marketing for the game as new fighters get introduced— Isabelle got an identical envelope in her reveal trailer, it was used for the Wham Shot to show that Joker was in Smash , all the SNK characters in Terry Bogard's trailer try and fail to grab it before Terry himself picks it up, Sothis tosses one at Byleth as she tells them to join Smash , it's used to "hide" fighters that haven't yet been revealed as part of the Fighters Pass, and it was used as the background for the announcement that there will be more fighters after the Fighters Pass concludes.

Idiosyncratic Wipes : A staple of World of Light. Normal Spirit battles have darkness converge in the middle of the screen before bursting out to cover it. Bosses have darkness creep in from four directions on the screen, meeting in the middle. Fighters have darkness in a diagonal Smash logo, before it spreads to cover the screen. Galeem's Spirit battles have a shining light appear from the top left corner of the screen. Dharkon's Spirit battles have darkness dispersing from the screen. I Know Madden Kombat : One of the new items is called the Beastball , a seemingly innocuous baseball that, when thrown, goes into flames the farther it travels and teleports mid-flight to align with a target. The player can find creative ways into throwing the item to unsuspecting foes.

Immune to Flinching : The Slow Super Armor ability on a handful of Ace Support Spirits gives its user flinch immunity and resilience to knockback up to a limit in exchange for making you move as slow as molasses and virtually incapable of jumping. Its upgraded counterpart, found exclusively on the Legend Support Spirit Gold Mario, is simply known as Super Armor, which gives all of the benefits of Slow Super Armor without the "slow" part. Interesting Situation Duel : Players can use Spirits for special conditions that aren't normally possible within the regular customization options. One such example is a Loftwing giving whoever equips it a constant gust of wind.

Some Spirit battles involve flipping your horizontal controls or turning the screen upside down. Both of these can be countered by certain Support Spirits. Interface Spoiler : Averted with the character select screen, which begins with only the original eight Veteran characters from the original game. Since the selection screen grows in size as you unlock characters, in addition to allowing the player to "merge" echoes and their originals into the same slot, it is hard to see how many are actually remaining.

In "World of Light", players who diligently full clear every area may notice that by the time they reach Galeem, they've still only found a bit more than half of the playable cast. He's actually one in a collection of Primary Spirits who have that trait, which forces you to start every fight at a disadvantage if you use them, unless you are Lucario or are equipped with a Rage Blaster. The Buzz Buzz Spirit fight pits you against an ultra-tiny Mr. It dies in one hit. Kaizo Trap : The zoom in that flashes red is said in-game to either be a signal on when the battle is over or when someone almost ends the battle.

Whenever it's the latter, the receiving end still has a chance to turn the tides in their favor while their opponent might be caught off guard, especially if they don't know if the last hit would have KO'd. Kick Them While They Are Down : Dharkon's entrance into the story is opened with him attempting to capitalize on Galeem's defeat at the hands of the fighters, initially trouncing Galeem's Master Hand army before Galeem is forced to pull a hasty retreat to recover.

In both bad endings, the surviving entity takes the opportunity to finish off their opponent after they are defeated. In the True Final Boss fight, even though they're supposed to be on a truce, neither entity can resist taking a free shot at the other when they get stunned. Kill 'Em All! As the characters are preparing to face a new opponent, Galeem, it absorbs a massive amount of energy to unleash a devastating wave of destruction that obliterates anything in its path, eventually reaching out to the entire universe. Kirby only survives thanks to his Warpstar going at warp speed. The bad endings have Galeem or Dharkon do this. And there are spirits locked away as an Old Save Bonus from other games played on the Switch.

There is an entire page in Challenges dedicated to Online. Fortunately, none of them have exclusive spirits, costumes, or music locked behind them, and none of them are no-hammer challenges. World of Light has a few of its own: To find Chrom, you must open a treasure chest in the Lost Woods portion of the Sacred Land and then use it again to jump inside and warp to his location. No other chest in the game has this special property. To get Richter, you have to utilize all the available cannonballs in order to defeat all of the ghosts on the Dracula's Castle map before he will appear.

It failed utterly , though not for lack of bravery. Late-Arrival Spoiler : Many of the spirits reference certain plot points from their games of origin, but the most blatant examples are the ones that can be enhanced. A lot of these spirits can be enhanced into a form that spoils a major plot twist in their original game. The reveal trailer for The Hero briefly shows Dharkon, the other antagonist of World of Light , at the beginning. Sakurai's presentation of Sephiroth has him explaining what exactly happened in the end of the game, with him giving a spoiler warning before pointing out that he is talking about a year old game and that he isn't sure that the events will play out the same in the remake.

Later Installment Weirdness : The stage selection screen appears before the character selection screen. This would make players strategically choose a character who would be more suited to the selected stage. The stock icons are not crops from the characters' renders and are instead minimalist vector graphics usually depicting the front of their head. The game also gives the player the option to "stack" the clones in the same character slot as their basis rather than give them fully separate slots. There isn't a new English-language announcer, with Xander Mobus reprising the role.

All stages are now unlocked from the beginning, as opposed to most of them being unlocked and then unlocking a few more. All characters in the game were revealed before release, meaning no more hidden characters. You still need to unlock characters, but there won't be any surprises for those who kept up with the game's promotional material. Marth and Roy now have English voice clips, after three games being voiced in Japanese.

For the first time since the first game , Ultimate does not feature collectible trophies of various characters, items and locations, with Spirits serving as a sort of replacement instead. Because of the game's online modes being linked to the subscription-based Nintendo Switch Online, this is the first Smash Bros. Many in terms of the fighting mechanics. Grabs can now be parried by inputting your own grab at the same time, as opposed to previous games, where grabs were absolute, bringing the game closer to more traditional fighting games. This also makes the distinction between normal and command grabs like Bowser's Side B matter, since command grabs cannot be parried.

Perfect Shields used to be done by shielding just as an attack hits; now it's done by releasing your shield as an attack lands, and adds hitstop to the situation, allowing for much easier punishes when successful. The game even transitions to 1v1 mode when there's only 2 people left in a match that started as a free-for-all. Previous games made no distinction between the two besides number of players. Damage percentages now show decimal points. While decimal percentages are not new, they've always been a hidden mechanic, which is no longer be the case.

Any attack can be performed out of a dash, as opposed to previous Smash games where you were only allowed to do a dash attack, specials, and special cases allowing other attacks. Unlike Wario in Super Smash Bros. Each character now has a set lineup of fighters that they face for their Classic mode runs, ranging from Wolf going against other returning characters to Isabelle fighting all the other female characters in the roster. Master Hand and Crazy Hand can now be temporarily stunned during their boss fights for the first time in the series, allowing for free hits. Characters now have different reactions to being in water instead of just standard swimming.

While most swim normally, Charizard, Sonic, Inkling, and Incineroar will flail once in the water and will take damage Charizard and Incineroar are Fire-types and Charizard's line infamously claim it'll die once its tail is extinguished, Sonic is infamous for his inability to swim, and water is an Inkling's Kryptonite Factor. In this game, Xerneas gives its user the Gold status the same status as collecting Coins on the Golden Plains stage , while Victini simply gives its user a Final Smash. The only difference between custom stage themes is the background and lighting scheme, which are all taken from other stages. Stamina is a standard ruleset along with Timed and Stock matches, rather than being considered part of Special Smash. This prefigured the eventual inclusion of Cloud's official art in the Level Editor : While the game didn't initially launch with a custom stage editor, it was introduced in the Version 3.

The major addition to the creator compared to previous installments is the ability to design the background and the foreground. The trailer that introduced the eponymous duo of Banjo-Kazooie featured a new remix of the theme for Spiral Mountain, the opening area of every game in that series. Let's You and Him Fight : One attack Galeem and Dharkon can use is to temporarily leave the battlefield and sic two puppet fighters on you which eventually explode.

Funnily enough, you can Invoke this yourself if you fight both bosses at the same time. They'll perform this attack at the same time, but both Light and Dark puppet fighters often prioritize each other rather than you, meaning all you have to do is just wait until all of them explode after beating each other up. Life Drain : A very rare Support Spirit Ability is "Lifesteal", which gives you the ability to restore damage when striking an enemy. An Adventure Skill also gives you a chance to heal when connecting with Smash Attacks. Some enemy Spirits also have this ability. Light Is Not Good : In addition to the Adventure Mode being entitled "World of Light ", the villain, Galeem, takes the form of a ball of light surrounded by wings, uses giant beams of light to disintegrate the fighters, and has a name that itself is a corruption of the word "gleam".

Lighter and Softer : Isabelle's trailer was this compared to previous newcomer reveals. As opposed to Ominous Latin Chanting and characters dying, Isabelle's involves a typical day at work before getting her letter. The Fighters Pass 2 trailers as a whole have been lighter than the originals, making little to no connection to World of Light. Up until Sephiroth was revealed, that is. Limit Break : Instead of breaking a randomly-spawning Smash Ball, players have the option to build up their own Final Smash Meter to activate a weaker version of their Final Smash, akin to how supers in traditional fighting games are performed. No two Final Smashes can be activated at the same time, however. Loads and Loads of Characters : Considering the game has every playable character in series history and still adds more on top of that, definitely.

Including DLC, there are 82 numbered fighters, not even including other characters playable as Echo Fighters and alternate costumes. And if you include Spirits into the mix, of which there are over , the number of characters becomes truly nuts. Loads and Loads of Roles : Spirit battles simulate fights against non-playable characters using the playable cast as your opponents. Rool standing still with Ghirahim protecting him. Lonely Piano Piece : One of the songs in the game is a piano solo of Lifelight. And the two cut Melee veterans Pichu and Young Link , who some had believed would be gone for good, had to wait 17 years in total.

It takes a while. Loophole Abuse : Ultimate normally inflicts a damage penalty on short hop aerial attacks, but Peach and Daisy can bypass it by floating, allowing them to use aerial attacks at full power while staying close to the ground. This is intentional, as one of their tips mentions this trait. Lost in Translation : Players familiar with the English versions of the game might be confused as to why Banjo and Kazooie's home stage, Spiral Mountain, rotates the way it does.

Ludicrous Precision : This game measures damage percentages to an extra decimal point. Previous games i. This also means that spirits earned in the Spirit Board and Classic Mode are always available as well, even on a brand new World of Light file. This includes Master Spirits that run facilities, as well as spirits used for Broken Bridge paths. Made of Indestructium : Despite the fact that Galeem's beams of light easily penetrate practically every other means of conventional defense, both mundane and magical, Link's Hylian Shield is able to deflect some of the beams.

Link himself is only consumed when the beams push him back too much for him to maintain his balance. Magikarp Power : Some Spirits, such as Boo and Groudon , need to level up to level 99 to be enhanced. Their enhanced forms are stronger versions with a special effect, but they are reset to level one again. The most extreme example is Alm and Celica.

When you first get the Spirit which is them as small children , its power level is only around , which is among the weakest spirits you can get. Once leveled, they can be enhanced and become adults. Their power level can be around once leveled up to level 99 again. Best of all, they're a neutral spirit with three slots and provide a back shield when equipped, making them one of the most versatile spirits in the game that can be used as the player's primary spirit in almost any situation. Marathon Level : The True Final Boss fight takes the form of a three-stage gauntlet, starting with a long autoscrolling platforming section with mook fights in between, followed by a Boss Rush against all six bosses, and then the actual Dual Boss fight itself against Galeem and Dharkon.

While Checkpoint Starvation is averted due to the game letting you continue from the current phase if you lose all three of your characters, in order to get the Challenge for clearing the final battle without being KO'd, you have to do the entire thing in one sitting without getting KO'd at any point or else the run will be invalidated. That also means continues are useless. Meaningful Background Event : The cutscene which shows Galeem and Dharkon defeated at the same time takes place at sunset, essentially the midpoint between light and dark. Meaningful Echo : The main theme, Lifelight, at various points repeats "Colors weave into a spire of flame" throughout it. And it's what happens after Galeem and Dharkon are defeated, all the spirits form a spire that traverses through the cosmos as their worlds get restored.

In comparison, Pichu and Young Link have had little changes since they last appeared in Melee , making them the closest things you have to Melee versions of the characters they were based on in this game. Young Link is notable in that he's the same Link that appeared in 64 and Melee except shorter, whereas this Link is based on his Breath of the Wild incarnation. To drive this further, his intro is Link's intro from Megamix Game : Although the sheer volume of fighters already qualifies Ultimate as a Dream Match Game , it has plenty of returning content besides fighters, such as stages and game modes. Merged Reality : The overworld of World of Light takes place in a land where several locations from existing franchises and original areas have been mushed together.

For example, you can leave Lumiose City from the south and end up in a neighbouring city made out of Nintendo video game consoles. Dharkon's realm consists of a mixture of various locations and terrains, albeit with nearly every inch of the region ravaged and scarred. Mighty Glacier : Certain Ace Support Spirits bestow the ability Slow Super Armor, which slows mobility to a crawl and burdens your jumping capacity, but gives you permanent resilience to flinching and launching to a limit. This allows you to turn any character into an effective tank who can pump out their strongest attacks with sheer impunity without fear of interruption. Upon doing so, he gains a unique ability called Armor Knight that slightly reduces movement speed in exchange for slightly boosting Attack and providing a huge bonus to Defense.

Kraid's Dojo teaches the appropriately-named "Tank Style", which enhances a Primary Spirit's Attack and Defense at the expense of practically all of its other mobility-related attributes. Mons : Basically what Spirits are. They can be levelled up and have their stats increased, do various jobs like being sent on missions to retrieve items, trained in certain styles, and some can even evolve, or rather enhanced, to become even more powerful.

Mood Whiplash : The World of Light opening cinematic depicts the Smash characters' struggle against a new and unknown overwhelming force, with some valiantly fighting against the beams or desperately fleeing for their lives. This is interwoven with various other shots such as Captain Falcon trying to jump into the Blue Falcon, Wii Fit Trainer doing yoga poses while Duck Hunt and Villager panic aimlessly, and Snake trying to hide in his cardboard box before being disintegrated.

Morphic Resonance : Of a sort. In Spirit Battles, the Spirits appear to take over puppet fighters that greatly resemble their former shape. They also chose alts, sizes, and other factors to accommodate this. Motifs : There appears to be some sort of connection to the concept of "reversal", given that there is a version of one of its trailers that plays backwards, the World of Light's Japanese title has significance if the words are reversed, and the latter half of Final Destination's theme is the game's theme song played backwards. The field in the background is emblazoned with Smash 's logo, while the letters "KOF" are written down the vertical line inside it.

Moveset Clone : Now clones are formally called "Echo Fighters". They refer to characters who, like Dark Pit, Lucina, and Dr. Mario in the previous title, are only balanced against the fighter they are based from instead of the whole roster , and are mostly the same, with animations being altered first, then some moves and attributes. However, clones that are fundamentally different from their base , including Dr. Mario himself in this version don't qualify. Echo Fighters can also be stacked into the same slot on the character select screen as the character they're based on if the player so chooses. That said, how much they actually differ can vary: Dark Samus, Daisy and Richter Echoes to Samus, Peach and Simon respectively are nearly the same save for cosmetic changes and very, very minor tweaks to a few attributes.

Dark Samus has slightly faster rolls and bigger shields due to floating instead of staying on the ground, and Richter's Holy Water deals Aura damage to contrast Simon's fire to differ how it reacts to explosives, but are identical otherwise. Dark Pit still retains the differences with regards to his bow and Electroshock specials in addition to his original Final Smash. Ken boasts the most number of changes for an Echo to differentiate himself from Ryu, very fitting given his role as the Trope Codifier.

To put it short, his entire fighting style trades Ryu's powerful single-strike and heavy knockback KO options for multi-hitting attacks that specialize more in racking up damage than going for early kills, and two of his signature Super Combos - the Shinryuken and Shippu Jinraikyaku - replace Ryu's Shinkuu Hadouken and Shin Shoryuken for his Final Smash. Multiple Endings : Ending 1: Achieved if Galeem's forces take over completely during The Final Battle by defeating too many of Dharkon's forces or the heroes challenge and defeat Dharkon. Dharkon collapses, completely overwhelmed, and he is finished off by Galeem.

As Dharkon dies, Galeem enacts his final plan, engulfing the remainder of the universe in light. Ending 2: Achieved if Dharkon's forces take over completely during The Final Battle by defeating too many of Galeem's forces or the heroes challenge and defeat Galeem. Galeem is overwhelmed and left in a weakened state, allowing Dharkon to consume and destroy him. Mario collapses as Dharkon devours the universe in eternal darkness. True Ending: Achieved if none of the above conditions are met and Galeem and Dharkon are challenged and defeated together.

With both entities dead, they collapse into the ocean, whereupon they release a wave of energy that frees the remaining Spirits. The freed Spirits make their way home to the real world, coming together in a spire of light as they return. At the start of the game, you will be forced to choose between recruiting Marth, Sheik, or Villager. Picking one of them causes a Master Hand to block the paths to the other two, forcing you to take the open path and clear the way before you can recruit the others. You can do this by going the long way to the other side of the barrier, or defeat a boss and break all the barriers at the same time. Mythology Gag : Has its own page. Notably, the transition between the two sections in the "Challenger Approaching" trailer occurs when Zelda appears with Sheik being there later, as a call back to Melee's opening, where Sheik appears when the transition happens with Zelda being in the background afterwards.

Never Say "Die" : The characters atomized by Galeem at the beginning of World of Light were just "turned back into trophies", not killed, according to official descriptions. In-game, however, only the MIDI versions of those themes are heard, and only a brief snippet of the Overture is heard in Hero's victory fanfare. New Work, Recycled Graphics : Ultimate , according to Sakurai, was built using many assets from the previous game in order to save on development time and resources, which allowed them to bring back every character from the series' history.

He states that if they had started from scratch, only a third of the fighters would be available. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! Both bad endings involve the fighters tilting the balance away from one of the villains and then defeating them, leaving the other free to complete their plan. Nice Job Fixing It, Villain! The True Final Boss fight is against both villains at once. The two can't stand one another at all and are so busy fighting one another it gives the heroes a chance to stop them.

Furthermore, in the True Final Boss , the two might be in an Enemy Mine , but aren't Friendly Fireproof and will actively attack one another if the other is stunned. Galeem and Dharkon's hatred of one another makes things way easier for the heroes. Nintendo Hard : World of Light and the Spirit Board have incredibly strong spirits which cause incredibly difficult and cheap fights, many of which have been infamous from the community.

Non-Action Guy : The Master Spirits are special spirits that communicate with you and fight for your cause their own way via selling you things, taking your spirits on expeditions and teaching them battle styles rather than directly helping you in a fight. It doesn't do any damage but can blow them right off the platform. Thus, they aren't super-effective against any of the other types, nor are they resisted by them. For the first time in the series, the majority of older stages feature updated graphics and textures to bring them up to modern standards, in the vein of Mario Kart 8 ; the exceptions are the stages from Super Smash Bros. You fight the Original Eight on their era home stages note except for Samus and Fox, who get paired with Yoshi and Kirby respectively due to Planet Zebes and Sector Z being absent , and Round Six is against the four unlockable characters with 64 's Final Destination theme playing.

Nothing Is Scarier : We only see brief flashes of Ridley's tail, claws, and wings in his reveal trailer as he violently murders Mario and Mega Man, before finally revealing himself to Samus. In Adventure Mode, when you're about to face the boss of a sub-level represented on the map as a vortex with glowing eyes , any music stops and you're just left looking at a vague silhouette of the boss that awaits. No power-level Even if you know who you're going to be fighting, the effect still can give you chills. The exceptions are the Hands, Galeem, Dharkon, and Rathalos, the latter of which appears in-person in his sub-level unlike any other sub-level boss.

Notice This : World of Light is very unsubtle about showing when something on the adventure map changes, and obstacles that can be conquered with a Spirit that you own are highlighted by a ring of light. Not Too Dead to Save the Day : While Spirits are essentially the formless remains of characters who didn't survive Galeem's initial onslaught, they can still help via powering up the surviving fighters while some retain their characteristics enough to interact with the environment such as driving trains, blowing up boulders, fixing bridges and many more. Obvious Rule Patch : Not long after the launch of the game, players discovered that attaching a level 99 Akuma spirit to Captain Olimar resulted in the single-most broken character combination in the entire game.

Any smash attack from his red, blue, or purple Pikmin would result in a One-Hit Kill on all enemies that weren't part of a stamina battle and if they survived the first hit, they wouldn't survive the 2nd. The 2. A few Spirit Battles against opponents who didn't like moving, when on a stage with walkoff blast zones, could easily be won in earlier versions by just running into them to push them off the screen. Eventually, these particular foes were changed so that they actually make an effort to recover.

Non-gameplay example: Chrom originally had the generic Fire Emblem victory theme shared with Marth, Roy, and Ike, even though the other Awakening characters Lucina and Robin has "Id Purpose " as theirs. Version 3. Oh, Crap! Rool's reveal trailer, upon seeing that King K. Rool's finally returned, Donkey Kong and Diddy's eyes pop through the window. In the opening "World of Light" cutscene, Shulk gets a vision of everyone getting struck down and he knows there's nothing he can do. When a Final Smash is activated, any nearby fighters can be seen with such an expression before the attack is unleashed. Most characters will give off panicked or frightened expressions upon whiffing a grab, with the implication being that they've realized that they're wide open for an attack.

Even the normally straight-faced Ridley will sport a comical, surprised grimace upon missing his side-special. While Figure Players can only carry over a portion of their levels and memories and lose all of their stats, you will also receive either a random Spirit, currency, or snack in conjunction with the revised Figure Player data. Upon reducing his health to zero, Dracula will transform into his monster form from Rondo of Blood , starting the next phase of the fight. Like Bowser, Ganondorf appears onscreen briefly before transforming into Ganon, though the only scenario in which defeating Ganondorf directly leads to the Ganon fight is Zelda's Classic Mode. One Steve Limit : Several past stages have been renamed to avoid confusion with similarly-named stages.

Averted with Melee and Brawl 's versions of Yoshi's Island, which are both named that, but the former additionally has " Melee " in its name. There's also an interesting aversion in the form of "Mute City SNES ", though the Melee version of the stage is not part of the initial roster. For the Loads and Loads of Characters , there's only one case of this on the roster itself. Aversions occur in the form of spirits: A single character can have multiple spirits, so long they represent an alter-ego or different version.

For example, you can have the spirit of Kaptain K. Rool empowering Opportunistic Bastard : Galeem and Dharkon completely loathe one another and will take any opportunity presented to try to kill the other. Dharkon's entrance to the story is attempting to capitalize on the fighters defeating and wounding Galeem to try and kill his nemesis, and Galeem comes back into it trying to return the favor when Dharkon is beaten. Both bad endings are one of them taking advantage of the other losing first to kill them and take over themselves.

This works against them in the boss fight with both of them at once, as despite technically being in an Enemy Mine , the moment one of them is stunned, the other will promptly deal a massive blow to them, inadvertently helping the fighters. Orchestral Bombing : Final Destination , natch. The endboss music from World of Light also qualifies: Galeem's theme is fast-paced with high-pitched choir vocals, while Dharkon's theme is slower, foreboding, and has a more bass choir in addition to some electric guitars. Their shared theme for the True Final Boss fight strikes a balance between the two with a medium-paced tempo and both male and female choirs.

Order vs. Chaos : Ultimately , this is what the two main villains of World of Light represent. Galeem is a being of light who wants to bring his own form of order to the world, while Dharkon is a being of darkness who simply wants to Kill 'Em All! Just before he finishes them off for good, Galeem is sliced clean in half , ending the tyranny of the Lord of Light. Unfortunately, the one who killed him was Sephiroth , who descends to the battlefield to fight the heroes himself.

Palette Swap : Every character is given 8 slots for alternative appearances. You have your jungle right next to a military base and a foggy forest that happens to have a power plant in it, just as an example. The most baffling thing, however, is the retro Cyberspace maze found to the east of the map, in-between a beach town and a mountain settlement. Making things worse are the sub-maps that are just randomly there with little context, like DK Island's Kongo Jungle from the first Donkey Kong Country game being right next to the aforementioned Cyberspace.

Hilariously, the player also gets to travel around the literal world after getting to the airport island, meaning that the World of Light features a whole Hollywood Atlas as one of its "sub-maps". Permanently Missable Content : A late-game region of Adventure Mode, the Mysterious Dimension , blocks the player with quiz questions that describe a particular Spirit. If you choose and defeat the right Spirit on the first try, a treasure chest will appear on the route forward.

Answer a question wrong and its treasure will never appear Personal Hate Before Common Goals : Galeem and Dharkon, the two Eldritch Abominations that have taken over the world and threaten to destroy it, are ultimately possible to defeat only because they hate each other's guts. The last segment of World of Light requires the player to systematically take down their last remaining puppets, making sure never to tip the balance far enough that one of them can overwhelm the other and move on to the rest of the world. Only after all that will the two team up to fight the player together , and even then, they're not Friendly Fireproof , and in fact, if one gets stunned, the other will actively attack them.

Pirates vs. Ninjas : Ridley and King K. Rool the former a Space Pirate , the latter having appeared as "Kaptain K. Poison Mushroom : In addition to the returning Trope Namer , Ultimate introduces the Fake Smash Ball, which releases a devastating explosion when it's broken. Compared to a real Smash Ball, the Fake Smash Ball has a thicker horizontal line and a thinner vertical line. There are additional questions that don't lead to the boss but to other fighters. Post-Final Boss : A few characters' Classic Mode routes have them facing the big boss monster with an HP bar as the pen ultimate fight, before the Final Round with a normal Smash character.

Power Levels : Global Smash Power returns from the previous game. As before, GSP is the measure of how many players you have outscored: a GSP rating of , for example, means that you have a higher score than other players. GSP is used to determine matchmaking with other players in Quickplay. Pretender Diss : King K. However, as the Jedi and Fess were returning to their ship to report to Master Bakarn, the two found Cedrax and his holographic assistant waiting for the Jedi in the hangar.

Finding all of his current contracts boring and spurred by the encounter with Fain, Cedrax wanted to travel the galaxy and seek adventure, so he decided to join the Consular's crew. Having welcomed Cedrax aboard, the Consular contacted Bakarn, who congratulated him on the expert handling of the conflict between the Hutt Cartel and the Guiding Hand. The Consular was also informed of a distress signal from the Republic Ajuur -class heavy cruiser Carida , supposedly related to the plague.

Reports by the Republic forces aboard the Carida stated that the young Fain had gone insane and had killed several people. Flying to and docking with the Carida , the Consular and one of his companions met with the few remaining Republic soldiers led by Lieutenant Bela Whinn. She explained that the ship had been caught in an Imperial ambush. Laranna Fain had fought off the attackers, but had been wounded in the process. When the Republic soldiers had put up a call for medical assistance, a mysterious man had arrived to the Carida , claiming to be a Jedi Master. He had healed Fain and had left, but the girl had changed after their encounter. She had become violent, killing several people and reprogramming the droids aboard the Carida to attack everyone else in sight.

Whinn and the remaining soldiers had managed to lock her down in the ship's aft section, but Fain had started slicing into the ship's computer system, planning to shut down life support and kill everyone aboard. The Consular and his companion fought through Fain's droids and confronted the young woman, who revealed that the man who had healed her was indeed Lord Vivicar, just as the Consular had suspected. The pair had to fight Fain, but defeating her was not enough. The girl Force-pushed the Jedi away and locked herself inside an airlock , threatening to open the outer door and commit suicide. However, the Consular was able to convince Fain to leave the airlock and used the shielding technique on her. Fain, no longer influenced by the plague but still not trusting herself, locked herself down in the brig.

Meanwhile, a holographic message came to the Carida from Lord Vivicar himself. The Sith tried to contact Fain, but seeing the Consular, he realized that his plan had failed. From the conversation with Vivicar, the Jedi learned that the Sith was once a member of the Jedi Order himself, before embracing the teachings of Morrhage, and that—as the Jedi Council already suspected—his control of the plague was limited. Vivicar could only control those he had had personal contact with throughout his lifetime.

Leaving Whinn to take control of the Carida and to bring Fain to Coruscant, the Jedi and his companion returned to their own ship and reported to Master Bakarn, who had news of two more Jedi Masters who had gone silent. The Jedi's next assignment took him and his companions to the desert planet of Tatooine, where Master Eriz Vossan , one of the Order's best cultural explorers, had dropped out of contact with the Council. The Consular was told by Bakarn to contact Rowan Delk , the man who had served as Master Vossan's guide through the desert and who was now recovering from the Sand Rot , an illness caused by prolonged desert exposure, at the Dreviad Outpost. Master Vossan's research on the various cultures of the galaxy was considered vital to the Order, so the Consular and one of his companions embarked on the search for the Jedi Master immediately.

Conversing with Delk inside the Dreviad Medcenter , the pair were assured by the man that Vossan had not displayed any signs of the plague and was last seen talking to the local Jawa species in one of their camps in the desert, impressed by their ability to survive in the harsh environment of the planet. Upon arriving at the Ut'ttailri Jawa Camp , the Jedi and his companion were attacked by war droids. After destroying them, the two spoke with one of the Jawas, Tteek Tlek. The diminutive creature said that Master Vossan—whom the Jawas had dubbed the "Warmaker"—had instructed the Jawas to dismantle their camp's sandcrawler and use its parts to build the war droids to conquer the settlement of Anchorhead and to fight the Sand People —a nomadic Tatooine species—in order to take control of the desert.

However, Vossan had then abandoned the Jawas, leaving only a message that they could not decipher and that was intended for Delk. The Consular agreed to help Tlek fix the sandcrawler by retrieving spare parts from local Geonosian raiders and was given the coded message in gratitude. The Consular and the Jedi's companion returned to Delk's clinic, and the man was able to crack the holorecording's code. Master Vossan stated that he had been looking to find out the answer as to how the species of Tatooine were able to survive in such a hostile environment, in hopes of finding a way to live through the "great darkness.

Delk provided the Consular with the location of the cave Vossan had spoken about and some signal flares to light the way. Inside the cave in the Jundland Chasm , the Consular lit several torches surrounding a Sand People carving. In the light of the torches, the carving revealed that the Sand People were the original people of Tatooine that Vossan had mentioned. Contacting Delk via a holocommunicator, the Consular revealed his findings to the man, and the latter advised that it was worth looking into a group of Sand People who had become overly aggressive and had recently attacked the nearby farming settlement of Malcolm's Dunes in the Dune Sea region.

The settlers were initially very aggressive toward the outsiders, since Vossan, the last Jedi they had helped by providing him with the coordinates of the Sand People's camp , had turned on them and had started sending the warrior people to attack them. However, the Consular convinced the farmers to provide help, and Malcolm drew a map of the route to the Sand People camp in the Banthan Drifts area.

When the three finally found the Jedi Master himself, Vossan tried to convince the Consular that the Jedi Order should follow the Sand People's teachings—to abandon the weak and value strength only—before attacking them. The Consular and the companion fought the Jedi Master and emerged victorious. Vossan's interrogations revealed more details about the mission to Malachor Three, such as the fact that Parkanas Tark had saved Vossan there, but he had become trapped in the process and had been left behind by the other Jedi. The Consular shielded the Jedi Master, but his research on the Sand People still remained; Vossan effectively possessed knowledge on how to create an unstoppable army, and he consulted the Consular on what the Jedi should do with it.

Believing that the knowledge was too dangerous and was against everything the Republic stood for, he advised Vossan to destroy the records. Around that time, Fess, still feeling shame over losing his Jagganath points, asked the Consular to pay tribute to his father's remains, thinking that doing so would please the Scorekeeper. Fess's father , a great hunter, had died years ago at the Dune Sea. Once the pair arrived at the resting place, the two were confronted by a young Trandoshan hunter, Lek Svaal. Svaal had been hunting a creature called the Dusk Shadow on Tatooine. He had laid a scent trail to the remains of Fess's father and had planted a trap rigged with explosives, an act dishonorable of a hunter in Fess's opinion.

However, the Dusk Shadow attacked at that moment, making Svaal run away in horror. The Jedi and Fess killed the beast, and Fess completed his ritual at his father's grave. With the Trandoshan feeling much more at peace, the pair left Tatooine. The Jedi and his crew proceeded to fly to Alderaan, [46] a former member world of the Republic now embroiled in a civil war after both Queen Silara Panteer and crown prince Gaul Panteer had died, and a noble named Bouris Ulgo had usurped the throne. However, she had raised the Jedi Council's suspicions by dropping out of contact for some time, so the Consular was assigned to contact her. The Jedi and a companion started the mission on Alderaan by talking to Hallam Organa , the head of House Organa's diplomatic corps, who had been working closely with Garen.

Organa contacted Garen, who was already at the peace summit's location, which was to be held at a secret meeting place , but she declined to let the Consular come speak to her, stating that only representatives of Alderaan's noble Houses were allowed to come to the meeting. The Organa delegate was already at the summit, but Hallam and his brother Lew advised the Jedi to seek a position of the representative for House Teral , which was desperate to find a delegate after theirs had been murdered.

The two were granted audience with the leader of the House, Lord Teral. The Jedi asked to be made the House's delegate, and Lord Teral agreed to grant the Jedi that title in exchange for his help in resolving the House's problems. In its current state, House Teral was extremely weak and unable to fend off Ulgo attacks. They planned to form an alliance with House Organa through a marriage between Lord Teral's daughter, Fasha Teral , and Lew Organa, but the Teral needed to prove to the Organa that they had the ability to defend themselves against their enemies first. To this end, Lord Teral asked the Jedi and his companion to go to the commander of Ulgo's forces that besieged House Teral, Astar Vox , a mercenary who was known for being relatively honorable for his profession; the Teral hoped to sway Vox to their side and break the siege.

When the pair attempted to negotiate with Vox at his camp , the mercenary maintained that the Jedi had to prove himself in battle first. The Jedi and his companion successfully fought off all the enemies Vox sent to fight them and convinced the mercenary to work for House Teral. However, the pair were then informed that the very prospect of the marriage alliance was at stake, as Lew Organa had been kidnapped by House Rist , Ulgo's allies and a well-known organization of assassins.

The Jedi, his companion and Lew traced Master Garen's holofrequency from the terminal and were able to contact her, indicating that she was responsible for the kidnapping, although she denied her involvement. Upon returning to the House Teral residence, the Consular was finally named the official representative of the House and was provided with a set of coordinates and a data spike that belonged to the murdered delegate. Lord Teral also asked him to demand the representatives at the summit to strip House Ulgo of their power, in retaliation for what they had done to the Teral.

Traveling to the set of coordinates at the Silvan Hills , the new Teral delegate found a shuttle and a computer terminal there. After using the data spike at the terminal, he was taken to the summit's location at the Sendoth Ruins via the pre-programmed shuttle. Despite being House Teral's official delegate, the Consular and one of his crewmembers were detained by the summit's guards on the orders of Garen.

After making their way past them, the pair finally reached the summit, where the plague-affected Jedi Master had already proceeded with her plan. Her mind clouded, Garen believed that the only way to stop the coming darkness was to have war last on Alderaan for fifty years, so she brought incriminating evidence on each of the Houses to the summit, reminding them of old grudges and spurring escalation of the conflict. When the Consular managed to calm the delegates down, the enraged Garen attacked the Jedi and the Consular's ally, unleashing her Force powers, but the two bested her in combat. In her plague-affected state of mind, the defeated Garen revealed that she felt responsible for the loss of Tark on Malachor, since she was the one who had developed their ill-fated plan of escape from the planet.

After hearing that, the Jedi once again used the shielding technique, saving Garen. He then advised the delegates to declare a truce and to reconvene at a later time to discuss peace. Unwilling to break the fragile truce, the Consular did not ask to strip the Ulgo of their noble status, much to Lord Teral's disappointment, although the promise of peace made the latter hopeful that the Jedi was right in his decision.

The Consular reported to Master Bakarn as usual, and was asked to come to Tython. Now that the last of the known plague-infected Masters had been shielded, the Council decided that it was time to direct all of their efforts into finding Vivicar himself. Inside the Pallista Spaceport , the pair met Svaal, accompanied by several Wookiees , led by the one named Gwarror. In revenge of the long history of enslavement of Wookiees by the Trandoshans, Gwarror had been hunting Trandoshans for years, killing those weakened by the shko-yagu , a ritual signifying a Trandoshan's transition over the halfway point of life. He had used Svaal to lure Fess to Alderaan, aware that Fess himself was currently undergoing the shko-yagu. However, Svaal had not told Gwarror that Fess would be accompanied by a Jedi.

After convincing the Wookiees to leave in peace, the Consular and Fess spoke to Svaal, who revealed that he had witnessed Gwarror receiving a list of targets to kill from a Trandoshan named Veneb. Infuriated that one of his own species was a traitor, Fess was determined to hunt down that Veneb. Although protocol prevented the couple from inviting the Jedi to their wedding, Fasha later sent him a letter, thanking the Jedi for his help.

Connecting the pieces of information from the afflicted Masters, the Jedi Consular realized that the common link between all the victims of the plague was that they had all participated in the mission to Malachor Three. In a clear act of revenge, Vivicar made them all relive the horrors they had experienced there and had forced them to remember the missing Parkanas Tark in their plague-induced madness, leading the Consular to believe that Vivicar and Tark were the same person. Par then revealed crucial information regarding Malachor Three—it was not simply a dark world, but the resting place of Terrak Morrhage, the original creator of the plague. Using her former Padawan's shielding ability, Par hoped to invert the link between herself and Vivivar, in order to sense his location.

The Consular and Par performed the ritual inside a meditation chamber , but in the process, Vivicar took full control of Par's actions and attacked the Jedi. Forced to duel his former Master, the Jedi defeated her. Weakened from the Sith influence, Par was still able to relay Vivicar's location— a ship drifting in deep space in the distant Outer Rim region , as well as the codes to get aboard. The Consular then shielded the woman once again, breaking the link. Boarding Vivicar's ship, a Harrower -class dreadnought , the Jedi and a companion fought through a number of brainwashed Republic soldiers, [53] killing the leaders of the controlled Republic squads to weaken Vivicar's influence, [54] and reached the Sith Lord on the ship's bridge.

Vivicar explained to the Consular that his plague not only allowed him to control the Jedi Masters through direct contact; it had also siphoned their power from them, even from far away. Through certain rituals, Vivicar could harness that energy, potentially becoming the most powerful Force-user in the galaxy. The Jedi also learned that Vivicar was merely a vessel for the spirit of Morrhage, who had been controlling the Lord's actions since the ill-fated expedition to Malachor. The Consular and his companion fought Vivicar in a duel and won, but Vivicar revealed that hundreds of Jedi Masters were still falling victim to the plague with each passing moment.

The Consular shielded Tark from Morrhage's influence, purging the Sith's spirit from its host. Should the Consular kill him, the plague would be stopped forever, but those Jedi, even those who had been shielded, would die as they were still bound to Vivicar. The Jedi chose another option, using the shielding technique on Vivicar himself, and freeing him from the spirit of Morrhage. The spirit of Morrhage was severely weakened without a physical body, and it disappeared, vowing to exact his revenge when he eventually regained his strength.

Still, the Sith Lord's connection to the Jedi Masters was broken and the threat of the Dark Plague was dealt with once again. Without the influence of Morrhage, Vivicar regained his identity as Tark and promised to go into exile on Tython. The Jedi Council informed the Consular that his assistance would soon be required in relation to a new threat, but for now he should take some rest. On the Jedi Council's advice, the Consular also recorded the information on the journey to stop Vivicar in a holoterminal in the Jedi Archives on Tython. True to his word, Tark had returned to Tython in hopes of finding peace in exile there. Although the Jedi Council had sought him out, he refused to speak to them, yearning to be left alone.

The redeemed Jedi advised the Barsen'thor not to repeat his mistakes: to not succumb to anger, but neither be completely blinded by the light side. The Consular's rest was cut short when Master Bakarn contacted him, requesting the Jedi's presence on Tython, where an emergency meeting was supposed to take place, with Republic's Supreme Chancellor Dorian Janarus present over the hololink. The Chancellor informed the Barsen'thor that the Republic was on the brink of collapse. Strained by the ongoing Cold War, many worlds threatened secession. A small league of dissidents had emerged, calling themselves the Rift Alliance.

Members of the Rift Alliance represented planets whose infrastructure was crucial to the Republic's survival. Therefore, the Barsen'thor was assigned as the Chancellor's personal liaison to the Rift Alliance and was instructed to do anything possible to convince its members to stay with the Republic. However, as such an important task could not be delegated to someone less of a Jedi Master, the Barsen'thor was promoted to that rank in the Chancellor's presence.

The newly elevated Jedi Master was then assigned a first mission : several representatives of the Rift Alliance had been convinced by the Chancellor to be guests aboard a Republic flagship , the Valor -class cruiser Fortitude. The Barsen'thor was asked to meet them aboard the ship, currently located in the distant Outer Rim. Nadia told the Jedi that the ship had been captured by the Sith, who had killed the ship's crew and had taken the Alliance's representatives hostage. The Sith had sealed off the bridge, but Nadia gave directions to a console aboard the ship that could be used to override the command.

The Consular and a companion boarded the cruiser and fought through the attackers, making their way to the console and unlocking the ship's bridge, discovering along the way that the Sith had sabotaged the ship to crash into the nearby planet of Deralia. Arriving at the bridge, the two eventually found the Sith boarding party's leader, Arrax , held at blasterpoint by Nadia, who was trying to protect her injured father.

Arrax revealed that he was working for a Sith named Lord Kyrus and attacked the Jedi. The Jedi and his companion killed Arrax and saved the politicians, yet the Fortitude was still plunging toward Deralia, and there was seemingly no way to stop it. Tobas Grell suggested changing the course to Deralia's uninhabited moon of Aderalis , which would buy them some extra time to escape. However, Nadia was against the proposal, afraid that crushing the ship into the moon would affect Deralia's tides, which would have potentially catastrophic consequences for Deralia's population. Instead, she suggested using the Fortitude ' s manual controls to steer the ship into Deralia's orbit. The Barsen'thor went with Nadia's option, and he fought through the remaining Sith troops [58] led by Arrax's minion Tasandra [59] to the ship's control section, where the Jedi and the Rift Alliance representatives worked together to operate the ship's engines.

The plan worked, and the Fortitude successfully entered Deralia's orbit. The Rift Alliance members then transferred to the Consular's ship, which from that point on essentially became their base of operations. After settling aboard the ship, Cordan and Tobas Greel expressed their grattitude to the Barsen'thor for saving them from the Sith aboard the Fortitude. However, other members of the group, such as Alauni and Shuuru, remained distant and critical of the Jedi, considering him too young to be a Jedi Master and being doubtful of his ability to help their cause. In order to have them prove that the Republic cared about the members of the Rift Alliance, the group asked the Barsen'thor to help Cordan's factory world of Balmorra be freed from Imperial control.

Cordan assured the Consular that once the Empire was off his planet, Balmorra would join the Republic and bring its vast battle droid factories to assist its war effort. To proceed with his liberation plan, Cordan planned to contact a revolutionary code-named " Zenith ," an influential member of the anti-Imperial Balmorran resistance. Arriving on Balmorra and using a number of secret communication protocols around the Republic Farnel Outpost , the Barsen'thor and one of his companions contacted Zenith via a holocomm from the Republic settlement of Bugtown.

The Twi'lek revolutionary was reluctant to help Republic representatives, believing that the Republic had failed to help his world before, and he asked the Barsen'thor to prove if he was truly determined to free the planet by locating the Imperial head of manufacture , Trabier , inside the Okara Droid Factory in the Markaran Plains region. Zenith was unable to apprehend the chief himself as the man was being protected by a powerful bodyguard named Lerek Serrus , a young Sith apprentice to Darth Lachris , the Sith-appointed Governor of the planet.

Confronting Trabier and his bodyguard inside the factory, the Barsen'thor convinced Serrus to stand down and abandon the dark side by reminding the man of his family. Serrus left Trabier alone, allowing Zenith, who had secretly infiltrated the facility, to wound the chief with a shot from a sniper rifle. The revolutionary wanted the man dead, but the Barsen'thor insisted on keeping the Imperial alive, convincing Zenith to take the man prisoner. Now believing that the Jedi was indeed trying to help his planet, Zenith smuggled Cordan and his entourage into a safe house in Bugtown, from which the Balmorran resistance began planning their next strike.

The first step of Cordan and Zenith's plan to liberate their planet was to gain support of Balmorra's powerful corporations. The Jedi met Fenn inside an old records vault in the Gorinth Canyon. After destroying the Imperial droids that were watching the Director, the duo were able to speak to the man. Fenn agreed to have the corporations join Cordan's cause, but he demanded that the Jedi Order stop interfering in Balmorra's production of certain illegal weapons. Although Zenith contacted the Barsen'thor, informing him of the fact that the resistance knew where to find Fenn's wife and daughter and offering to use the two as leverage in the negotiations, the Consular found a neutral solution, promising Fenn that the Jedi control would be scaled back but not completely removed, securing the deal.

Fenn then stated that he would provide the resistance with secret stockpiles of blueprints, credit accounts and weapons. The Troida leader gave the Jedi passwords that would allow the resistance to access terminals scattered throughout the Sith-occupied city of Sobrik , as those terminals contained encrypted data on the locations of the stockpiles. As instructed by Fenn, after obtaining that data, the Consular and his companion took it to a cyborg named Benx in the Sunken Sarlacc cantina in Sobrik to decrypt and transmit the data to Cordan. Benx was initially afraid to help the Jedi, since he had been forced to use his computerized brain to constantly work for Darth Lachris, and stopping for even one moment from transmitting data streams for her could mean a lot of pain for him as punishment.

However, the Barsen'thor showed the cyborg certain Jedi techniques, teaching the man how to process several data streams at once, allowing Benx to successfully decrypt Fenn's data and transmit it to Cordan without alerting Darth Lachris. Upon returning to the resistance bunker, the Jedi was contacted by Bakarn, who complimented him on the successful negotiations with the corporations, although Bakarn was doubtful if limited Jedi control would be enough to hold the corporations at bay.

With the corporations' support, Cordan was now ready to proceed with the next part of his plan—saving the current president, Retheus Galthe , in order to have him hand the control of the planet to Cordan. Galthe was rumored to be ill and had not been seen for a long time, with Darth Lachris claiming to act on his behalf. According to it, numerous civilians allegedly associated with the resistance had been rounded, imprisoned inside an Imperial Holding Facility in Camp Conquest located in the Gorinth Canyon and were scheduled to be executed soon.

Despite realizing that the announcement was an obvious trap meant to catch the insurgents, the Jedi decided that rescuing the civilians was paramount. With the force fields down, the two were able to infiltrate the facility and rescue a number of civilians before the facility went in lockdown. The Jedi and the companion fought through the Imperial guards and were eventually confronted by the facility's Head jailer Tarinn. Defeating the man and obtaining his ID card, the Jedi was able to use it to release the rest of the Balmorran prisoners and help them escape from the facility before it was destroyed by demolition charges planted by Zenith.

The Barsen'thor regrouped with Zenith at the nearby Lower Sundari Outpost , where one of the liberated prisoners, Voro Hesh , informed his saviors that he knew that President Galthe was being held at the Balmorran Arms Factory in the Sundari Flatlands. Cordan asked the Barsen'thor to act quickly and rescue the President, before Lachris could move him out of the factory. Zenith, who knew the factory's defense shutdown codes, chose to accompany the Jedi on the task, hoping to kill Lachris. Using Zenith's knowledge of the factory's codes, the Jedi and the revolutionary hurried through the facility, as they realized that the Imperials were already preparing to smuggle the president out.

The two soon found Galthe, frozen in a slab of carbonite , and were confronted by Darth Lachris, who stated that even when thawed, Galthe would be unable to help them. Lachris was killed by the Jedi, and Zenith moved the President to the safe house to begin the thawing process. It turned out that Lachris had been right, however, as Imperial torture had shattered Galthe's mind. Upon being freed from the carbonite, Galthe turned out to be just a shell of a man, unable to think or act clearly and speaking gibberish. The Barsen'thor tried the shielding technique in an attempt to restore Galthe's sanity. However, the technique did not work, as the President's state had been caused not by Sith influence but by physical trauma. Since Galthe was in no condition to hand over the power to Cordan, Zenith suggested using medical technology donated by the corporations.

A spinal implant could hack into the man's brain and muscle functions, allowing him to speak and sign his name at the formal ceremony. However, such technology would not last long and might even kill him afterward. Still, Zenith believed that option to be acceptable, not wanting the people to witness Galthe's state of mind and lose their hope. The Jedi refused the offer, believing that the people of Balmorra deserved to know the truth. Amidst a wave of revolts by the Balmorrans, spurred by the news of Lachris' death, Cordan and a citizens' committee organized by Hesh met inside the bunker. Although they witnessed Galthe's broken state, the citizens of Balmorra recognized Cordan's ascendancy to the Presidency.

The latter, as his first official order, sent a formal request to the Republic to accept Balmorra as its member world and issued another order to start production of thousands of Balmorran droids to aid the Republic. Cordan, bidding farewell to the Barsen'thor and the Rift Alliance, as he takes his office of the President of Balmorra and appoints Zenith as his envoy. Later, during a Rift Alliance meeting aboard the Jedi's ship, Zenith asked for a seat in the new government so he could express his own ideas on the future of the planet. However, Cordan refused the Twi'lek's request, instead offering Zenith to take his place aboard the Barsen'thor's ship and to become a liaison between Balmorra and the Rift Alliance, a position which the revolutionary accepted.

The Jedi was informed of two pressing issues—first, Nadia had found an Imperial tracking device aboard the ship, indicating the presence of a potential spy aboard. Secondly, Tobas told him about Attis Station , a Rift Alliance research facility established on the contested planet Quesh. Using Quesh's vast resources of natural chemicals, the researchers at Attis Station had developed two technological breakthroughs—new powerful weapons and new healing technology.

The station had recently dropped out of contact, and Imperial troops had been sighted nearby. The other members of the Rift Alliance were still thinking on their course of action and did not want to inform the Jedi about the station, but the Grells disagreed with their decision. Since Attis Station had been built using the resources of Sarkhai, the Grells' home planet, making the matter personal for them, Nadia requested to accompany the Barsen'thor during the mission to Attis Station.

Arriving on Quesh and traveling to Attis Station, the Jedi and a companion found the station's doors jammed. Nadia, arriving soon thereafter, was able to use a manual override code to open them, and she went inside ahead to find the door controls inside and to close the doors before Quesh's toxic atmosphere contaminated the station. Once inside, the Barsen'thor and his ally found the station overrun with Sith troops. After defeating a number of them, led by a Sith named Kadon Vul , and rescuing several scientists, the two met up with Nadia, who used the station's camera systems to locate a group of surviving researchers trapped behind a security door in another wing of the facility, with a number of Sith already heading their way.

As the three set off to rescue them, however, they were confronted by a squad of Imperial soldiers sent to kill them. Determined to rescue the scientists, Nadia knocked the Imperials back in an eruption of wild Force energy, surprising the Barsen'thor with the revelation of her Force-sensitivity. Instructing the Barsen'thor and the companion to get to the scientists using her override command, she went deeper into the facility, drawing the Imperial troops away. While traversing the facility, the Jedi and his companions came upon a holographic transmission from Lord Kyrus, the Sith who was determined to undermine the Barsen'thor's efforts and who had somehow been monitoring the Rift Alliance ever since the attack on the Fortitude.

Kyrus goaded the Jedi, mocking the fact that the Barsen'thor was serving the bureaucrats of the Rift Alliance, and he promised to keep an eye on the Jedi. Soon, the Barsen'thor and the companion were able to rescue the scientists, who asked for his advice on which research project—either the weapons, or the medicine—to keep working on. After helping the scientists choose the project to preserve, the Jedi Master was contacted by Nadia, who had evaded Imperial pursuit and was on her way back to the ship.

Once he returned to the ship as well, the Barsen'thor was greeted by the members of the Rift Alliance, who apologized for keeping Attis Station classified for so long. In a private conversation, Tobas Grell explained more about Nadia's powers. She was indeed a very powerful Force-sensitive, but she was untrained and was often unable to control her powers when becoming emotional. Tobas asked the Jedi to provide Nadia with some basic Jedi teachings to help her better understand and control her powers. Speaking about Lord Kyrus and how he was able to spy on them, Grell linked it to the Imperial tracking device they had found earlier. The Barsen'thor and the Senator decided to act normally in the meantime, hoping that the traitor would soon reveal oneself.

The Senator then informed the Jedi Master of another urgent matter. A group of Rift Alliance soldiers on the ice planet of Hoth required assistance. Hoth was overrun with pirates, who harassed the Alliance's shipping lanes, so a detachment of Republic troops had been provided to the Rift Alliance. Christened the Rift Alliance Coalition Forces , the detachment was tasked with battling the pirate threat.

The soldiers were on the brink of mutiny, with only the man in charge of the troops on Hoth, Lieutenant Felix Iresso , still bothering to send daily reports. The Barsen'thor was officially granted command of the Coalition Forces by the Rift Alliance and was asked to meet with Lieutenant Iresso inside the Republic Aurek Base on Hoth in order to discover how the White Maw was able to continuously defeat his troops. Arriving at the meeting place, the Barsen'thor and a companion found Iresso and his troops in a dispute. The soldiers' morale was shaken by a fruitless battle against the leader of one of the White Maw factions, Captain Valon.

Time and again, the captain survived repeated attempts on his life by the Coalition Forces, making him seem invincible in their eyes. In addition to that, Valon had recently stolen a thermal bore device that could crack Hoth's ice shelf and could potentially destroy the Republic base. Since Iresso's men refused to fight Valon, the lieutenant asked the Jedi to retrieve the thermal bore device, hoping that a similar victory would boost his men's confidence. Following the thermal bore's transponder signature to an old Imperial laboratory , the Jedi Master and his companion broke inside and confronted Valon himself there.

Although the pirate leader put up a fierce fight, the Consular was able to seemingly kill him and retrieve the thermal bore device. When the two returned to Iresso with the device, they received a holographic message from Valon, who was still alive. The pirate revealed that the White Maw had taken control of the heat exchanger powering all the Republic bases on Hoth and that he intended to destroy it and let the Republic forces freeze to death. Iresso could not allow his men to learn that Valon had survived the encounter with the Jedi, else they would defect for certain. As such, he decided to distract them by taking them to fight Valon's scouting parties.

Meanwhile, the Barsen'thor and his companion were asked to secure the heat exchanger, [7] located at the Tromper Crags Geothermal Plant in the Highmount Ridge region. The pair went to the geothermal plant and disarmed the explosives placed there by the White Maw. However, the two were then ambushed by a squad of Imperial commandos , who intended to capture the Jedi alive and freeze him in carbonite. After all but one of the commandos were defeated by the Jedi, the surviving engineer informed the Barsen'thor that Valon was not invulnerable at all. Valon surviving certain death was due to a set of special regenerative armor that could bring back its wearer to life from a near-death condition. According to the engineer , the Empire had found the armor inside the wreckage of one of the numerous starships that had crashed on Hoth, but Valon had stolen it from them.

The Empire had been trying to capture Valon and reclaim the armor ever since. After learning of the Barsen'thor's mission on Hoth from the traitor aboard the Barsen'thor's ship and discovering the fact that the Jedi had angered Valon by tempering with his plans, the Empire had sent the commando squad to capture the Jedi and lure out the pirate. Having learned that information, the Jedi Master rewarded the engineer by healing him and letting him go. The Barsen'thor and his companion then proceeded to Outpost Onith to meet up with Iresso.

Some of the White Maw's scouts had followed Iresso's men to the outpost, forcing the duo to assist Iresso's forces in repelling them. Seeing the pirates so well coordinated, the Coalition Forces realized that Valon was still alive and confronted the lieutenant for lying to them about his death. Iresso managed to quell the mutiny, subduing Private Kree , who dared pointing a blaster at him. After resolving the situation, the Barsen'thor informed the soldiers about Valon's secret armor. In order to learn a way to counter the armor, Iresso suggested infiltrating the facility where the Imperials had studied the suit before Valon stole it from them. Although the doctor refused to cooperate at first, claiming that he had received information about the Jedi coming for him and had destroyed his notes on the armor, the Barsen'thor managed to convince the doctor to talk.

The latter revealed that the healing properties of Valon's armor could be overstressed by repeatedly inflicting mortal injuries to him. At that moment, one of Iresso's men, Private Lavik , delivered news that Valon's men were attacking a scavenger camp in the region called the Glacial Fissure. Jurnak then demanded to be escorted to safety in accordance with Section of the Galactic Republic Charter , which dictated that the prisoners' safety had to be provided by the captors. Although Iresso was reluctant to spare any of his men to escort the doctor, the Barsen'thor convinced him to do so.

The Jedi Master and the companion then departed for the scavenger camp to investigate pirate activity. After defeating the pirates inside the scavenger camp and killing their leader, [65] the Barsen'thor was joined by Iresso. The lieutenant arrived with information about the Coalition Forces, who had tracked Valon to the Star of Coruscant , a Republic dreadnaught buried in ice at the Starship Graveyard nearby. Iresso told him that the scavengers that had been attacked by the pirates had used special equipment to salvage equipment out of the ice, and some of the pirates had managed to slip away with the equipment.

The lieutenant deduced that Valon was planning to use the equipment to dig out the dreadnaught and unite all the White Maw factions aboard that flagship. The dreadnaught was of an old design, with numerous security doors installed throughout its structure. In addition, Iresso's scouts had spotted a large number of pirates guarding it. The Coalition Forces' soldiers then developed a plan to attack the ship's engines, driving out Valon's men and buying the Jedi Master and his companion time to get through the security doors.

Infiltrating the ship, the pair had to fight an Imperial boarding party, the leader of which revealed that Valon had not stolen the armor but had been purposefully given it so he could carry out strikes against the Republic. Valon had gotten out of control, however, and the Imperials wanted to reclaim the armor. After defeating the Imperials and passing through the security doors, the Jedi confronted Valon and a captain of another White Maw group , who was planning to join Valon.

The Barsen'thor killed the second captain and repeatedly defeated Valon several times, causing the armor to overload and cause intense pain for Valon. Meanwhile, Iresso and his men sabotaged the dreadnaught's engines, preventing it from ever taking off. Defeated, Valon attempted to negotiate with the Barsen'thor to let him go, promising to use his resources to attack the Empire's trade routes on behalf of the Rift Alliance.

Not trusting the pirate captain, and believing that the Rift Alliance troops deserved to see the man brought to justice, the Jedi instead had him taken into custody. With the work on Hoth done, the Consular and the Jedi's companion were prepared to leave. They were thanked by the Coalition soldiers, while Lieutenant Iresso asked the Rift Alliance to put a word with his Republic superiors to have him reassigned aboard the Barsen'thor's starship, a request that was granted to the lieutenant.

As Iresso was settling on the ship, the Barsen'thor was approached by the Grells. Nadia, worried to discover that the Empire had been alerted to the Jedi Master's mission on Hoth, had traced a communication to the Imperials coming from the Jedi's ship, further confirming the presence of a traitor aboard. Trying to figure out who the traitor might be, Nadia remembered that representative Blaesus had been spending a suspiciously long amount of time making holocalls, especially during the Jedi Master's tenure on Hoth.

Blaesus, however, had already been dispatched by Tobas on a special mission to assist King Sethun and Queen Nyscha of Sarkhai. The royal family was planning to organize an official ceremony aboard the Republic Waypoint Station Three in order to grant the Republic a regiment of elite Sarkhai troops in gratitude for all of the Barsen'thor's efforts. Worried that the King and the Queen were left alone with the traitor, Tobas tried to contact them, but to no avail. Nadia then contacted Cordan instead, requesting him to send droids to guard the royal couple, while the Barsen'thor set course for Waypoint Station Three. The Jedi Master and a companion found the station in ruin, with numerous civilians and the Sarkhai troops slaughtered, [67] and the pair even had to destroy the station's damaged security droid, whose friend-or-foe recognition systems had been scrambled in the enemy attack.

Threatening to kill the King and the Queen, the traitor revealed that he was a " Child of the Emperor ," implanted in infancy with the consciousness of the allegedly immortal leader of the Sith Empire, the Sith Emperor Vitiate. According to Blaesus, there were hundreds of other Children among the Republic ranks, waiting to strike, their presence concealed by an enigmatic "First Son. Informed of the Consular's efforts on behalf of the Rift Alliance, the Sarkhai did not yield to Blaesus's threats, prompting the latter to order Kyrus to kill the Jedi and his companion. The Jedi and his ally killed the Sith Lord, causing Blaesus to attack them personally; the duo killed the Child of the Emperor as well, and the thankful Sarkhai rulers pledged their planet's treasury to the Republic.

Returning to his ship, the Jedi Master was contacted by Cordan, who informed him that the Balmorran forces had routed the Imperial fleet Blaesus had spoken about, but there were signs of sabotage among Cordan's forces, indicating the presence of more Children of the Emperor. At that point, Bakarn contacted the Consular and his crew, informing them that the Sith Empire had launched a new offensive, plunging the galaxy into another open war. The Barsen'thor, in turn, told Bakarn about Blaesus's treachery and the existence of the Children. Bakarn had already been apprised about the existence of the Children of the Emperor years ago from a defected member of the Dark Council , [67] named Sajar , although even the defector had only heard vague rumors during his tenure as a Councilor.

The Barsen'thor and the Rift Alliance were tasked with finding allies who could help the Republic win the new war with the Empire. Bakarn revealed that the Jedi Order's researchers had managed to retrieve the remains of the Noetikons on Coruscant and had reconstructed them and the operating terminal on Tython. Even though the Noetikons had so far not responded to anyone, even the members of the Jedi Council, Master Bakarn believed that they might respond to the Consular, so he advised him to start the search for allies by consulting with the ancient devices.

After taking a short rest, [70] the Barsen'thor went to Tython to consult the Noetikons. The Masters of the Noetikons indeed spoke to the Jedi, informing him that among their storage of information were recordings made by the Rakata , an ancient species whose Infinite Empire had once dominated the galaxy. The Rakata had claimed to have once imprisoned an entire army beneath the surface of a planet, but the information in the Noetikons was incomplete and the exact name of the planet was unknown, only two coordinates that pointed at its location somewhere in the Mid Rim.

However, the Jedi Order had also found mentions of a monument erected by the Rakata on Hoth in honor of their victory over the rumored army. Thanking the Masters for their help, the Barsen'thor departed Tython and set course back for Hoth. Once at the coordinates provided by the Noetikons, the Jedi and a companion found a Rakata monument frozen in ice, and they were then attacked by ancient Rakata guardian droids of similar model to Tythonian War Droids. After defeating the droids, the Jedi thawed the monument using his lightsaber. The monument then activated itself, projecting a hologram of a Rakata, whose purpose was to preserve the story of the Infinite Empire's victory over the Esh-kha , an ancient species that had once attempted to purge the galaxy of all other species.

Even though some Esh-kha had claimed to be peaceful, the Rakata had imprisoned the entire species alive, putting them in a state of stasis beneath the surface of a planet. The Rakata hologram provided the Consular with the third and final coordinate leading to the planet the Jedi sought. The monument's programming preventing it to believe that the Rakata were extinct, the hologram then stated that it was planning to glorify its "Builders" by brainwashing innocent people who would try to activate the monument again. Not willing to let that happen, the Jedi destroyed the monument. Analyzing all three coordinates, the Jedi Master's crew found out that the world they were seeking was called Belsavis , which presently served as a classified Republic high security planet-prison.

Even though some members of the crew were cautious about releasing the Esh-kha, the Barsen'thor hoped to locate a faction that had opposed their species' galactic conquest and have them convince the others to assist the Republic. Once the Consular arrived at Belsavis, the Jedi's ship was detained in orbit while the Republic forces on the planet's surface verified Tobas Grell's Galactic Senate clearance to visit the top secret planet. Eventually, they were contacted by a Republic Assistant Komi , who stated that the Republic was currently dealing with a major breakout instigated by the Empire , whose forces had cracked open the ancient Belsavis vaults. Komi suggested the Jedi to speak with her commanding officer , S. Geland , who was interested in studying the vaults and thus could have information regarding the Esh-kha.

However, a recent power outage caused by the breakout had left the Republic locator towers disabled; the locator towers were used by the Republic forces to track the signals of its personnel ID cards. Without the towers, Komi could not find Geland, and the Republic forces were too preoccupied with the outbreak to do the repairs. The Consular promised to help Komi to fix the towers. Landing at the Minimum Security Section , the Barsen'thor and a companion activated the locator towers, allowing Komi to track Geland and his squad's signal to Cell block A , where Geland had gone to investigate how the Empire had started the breakout.

However, once there, the Barsen'thor found the cell block overrun by reprogrammed security droids , including a TZ annihilator droid. After defeating the droids, the Jedi and his companion searched the cell block, discovering bodies of Geland's men laying everywhere. The commander himself was nowhere to be seen, and only his ID card was found inside the block. Komi soon arrived at the scene, destroying a computer that the Jedi was attempting to access, claiming to have done so to prevent Geland from spying on them. She explained to the Barsen'thor that when she had contacted Geland about the Jedi's visit, she had seen him kill his own men with a blast of Force lightning, indicating that Geland was a traitor and one of the Children of the Emperor.

Komi also spoke of an ancient computer that Geland had found inside one of the tombs, which he supposedly intended to study. Since Geland had left his ID card and there was no other way to track him down, the computer was the Barsen'thor's best bet to locating the commander. Proceeding to Vault S in the High Security Section , the Jedi and a companion accessed the computer and were contacted by Geland, who informed the two that he had already dismantled the terminal. Furthermore, Geland, using his authority, put the Jedi as a Category Ten escapee, which would cause all of the Republic's defense systems around the planet-prison to fire at him on sight.

However, the Jedi was then contacted by a mysterious voice, who offered assistance. The voice told the Jedi Master to obtain spare parts to repair the broken computer terminal, so that the benefactor could remove the death warrant on the Jedi's head. The Consular did as asked, retrieving an auto-repair module from a similar computer in another vault, Vault S The Jedi then scavenged for spare parts in the area surrounding the vaults and used those parts and the module to repair the broken computer.

The mysterious benefactor informed the Jedi that the Category Ten status had been lifted and Geland had been temporarily locked out of the prison computer system. He proceeded to tell the Barsen'thor about the Esh-kha, claiming that the leaders of the species had been imprisoned in the deepest vaults. One of them, Hallow Voice , had been the leader of a group of peaceful Esh-kha.

However, the Empire had released a number of hostile Esh-kha to instigate riots across the planet. The event had caused all the yet unopened vaults, including the one that held Hallow Voice, to go into a state of lockdown. The only way to release him was to issue an all-clear signal from two security terminals [73] at the Maximum Security Section. Inside Maximum Security Pod J-P4 , a quarantine cell, the Jedi and his companion successfully transmitted the all-clear signal from one of the consoles.

Before the duo could reach the second one, however, Geland contacted the Barsen'thor, having been able to regain control of Belsavis's computer system. Geland threatened to release the deadly toxins kept in the quarantine block. Even though the Barsen'thor would be able to survive the exposure due to special Jedi training, all the other prisoners in the block would be affected as well. The Jedi Master was not willing to cause harm to other people, even if they were psychotic criminals and demanded Geland to release them.

Fighting through many of the released prisoners, he and his companion went deeper into the area, reaching a psychiatric unit called Maximum Security Pod J-P8 , where the pair were trapped between two force fields. A custodian droid informed the captives that he had orders coming from Geland to detain the Barsen'thor, with the commander claiming that he was suffering from delusions of being a Jedi.

The Barsen'thor managed to convince the droid otherwise and told him about Geland's treachery.

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