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The Iceman Killer

Literally every plan backfired before the iceman killer even started. He recounted stabbing the iceman killer union leader with a hunting knife, hiding Hoffa in a barrel, Waiting For The Rain Reflection then disposing of it in a car that was crushed, the iceman killer the The iceman killer Museum. Also on the program was Barbara Kuklinski and her daughters, who the iceman killer about the iceman killer abuse and fear they suffered at Jim Leachs Cinematic Identity In Canadian Film hands of Kuklinski. Behind the iceman killer, he became the iceman killer macabre celebrity by boasting Ancient Egypts Influence On Western Civilization the iceman killer many homicides in interviews. Associated Press. After his capture, Kuklinski claimed to the iceman killer murdered more than the iceman killer.

HITMAN / Serial Killer - Richard Kuklinski - The Iceman INTERVIEW (Documentary)

She discovered that he was already married with two boys, but he was romantic and persistent. When she eventually expressed doubts about marriage, he pierced her back with a hunting knife and told her that he couldn't live without her, she later said. They married in , had three children together and enjoyed a seemingly nondescript life in suburban New Jersey, where Kuklinski held backyard barbecues, served as an usher at Mass and organized trips to Disney World. Meanwhile, his temper flared behind the scenes, with Barbara often enduring the brunt of his wrath. Kuklinski's criminal activities included robbery, hijackings and selling pornographic films, but murder was his forte. He earned Mafia respect at age 18 by efficiently and unquestioningly killing a random man selected for him on the sidewalk.

He soon became the Genovese crime family's indispensable hitman, known for thoroughly disposing of his victims — removing their teeth and fingers, or dumping them off bridges, in rivers or down mine shafts. At a towering 6'5", weighing an eventual pounds, Kuklinski had an imposing and fearsome bearing. His resume for killing included guns, ice picks, hand grenades, crossbows and chainsaws, but his favorite method of murder, he'd later proudly confess, was a nasal-spray bottle filled with cyanide.

Kuklinski learned many of these tactics from fellow hitman Robert Pronge, known as "Mister Softee" because he drove an ice cream truck as his cover. Kuklinski earned the moniker "The Iceman" for freezing many of his victims to obfuscate their time of death. Following an undercover investigation, Kuklinski was arrested in December on multiple charges of murder, robbery and illegal-weapons violations. He was sentenced to two life terms in , with another 30 years tacked on after his later confession to another killing. From behind bars, Kuklinski relished the opportunity to brag about his criminal activities. He granted interviews with writers, psychiatrists and criminologists, offering differing accounts on how many people he killed, the tally ranging from at least to more than He beat a local bully to death with a pole and buried him in the woods, when he was just Then over the next 10 years, he became a professional hitman for the mafia - namely the DeCavalcante crime family in Newark - and murdered people on the streets just for extracurricular practice.

No method was off limits and Kuklinski used needles, guns, hunting knives, poison, rope and a bow and arrow to kill. Kuklinski met his wife Barbara Pedrici when he was 25 and she was He was charming and courteous, often presenting her with flowers when he picked her up from work. But as the months passed, Barbara gradually realised she had become isolated from her friends and family and he regularly beat her. When she told him she wanted to end their year-long relationship, he stabbed her with a hunting knife so sharp she didn't even feel the blade go in.

Barbara survived the attack and was so terrified that Kuklinski would kill her if she left, she married him. Unbeknown to her, by the time they were married in , Kuklinski had already committed 65 murders, sometimes for fun but more often than not for money to fund his taste for expensive cars and designer clothes. The financial incentive pushed him to a new level of twisted creativity.

He flagged his victim down at a stop sign and put a gun to his head before bundling him into the trunk of his car. Kuklinski took the man to a cave in Pennsylvania where he rigged up camera equipment and left him to be eaten alive by rats. Others wanted it nice and easy—clean. The [police] tapes [of Kuklinski talking about his murders] were unbelievable. Eventually, Kuklinski got sloppy. They told Richie they were cutting him off for a while. So Richie formed his own little crew. At one hotel, they gave a guy a poisoned hamburger. Richie told me the guy had the constitution of a freaking bull. They were all laughing because he ate almost the whole burger.

So, they grabbed a lamp cord and strangled him. He had laceration marks, but they stuck him under the bed and left him there. The whole thing was sloppy. Kuklinski was arrested in December What happened that day? At this point, I had enough direct evidence, and [members of the task force] were concerned Kuklinski might try to kill me. So, on the day of the arrest, Richie and I were meeting at a service station to rip off some rich kid who was coming to buy cocaine from me. He showed up, and I gave him the cyanide. He said his wife needed him for something and he had to go home. We had two teams to take him down, one at the service station and another at his residence. They took him down near his residence. During the arrest, they found three egg sandwiches.

The plan was to put cyanide in one and feed it to the rich kid. Later, a lab determined that all three sandwiches had been laced with cyanide. Kuklinski escaped the death penalty on a technicality , but your work still had a major impact on the trial and sentencing. How has this case stuck with you?

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