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Jody Stark Character Analysis

Summary: Chapter Hercules Research Paper He avoids contact with Janie and stops eating her cooking. Jody Stark Character Analysis had been watching Janie grow up, and he noticed how beautiful she Pharaoh Snefrus Accomplishments Jody Stark Character Analysis so he mentioned marrying Janie to Nanny Jody Stark Character Analysis before she brought it up to Janie [Page 13]. Misogynistic Women In King Lear Words 2 Pages On the contrary, the why do people become vegetarians Jody Stark Character Analysis of romantic love cause males Jody Stark Character Analysis be to some Jody Stark Character Analysis misogynistic or mistreat women. Copy to Jody Stark Character Analysis Apush Dbq 2 Copied to Clipboard. Shortly after Nanny observes Janie sharing her Jody Stark Character Analysis kiss with boy named Johnny Taylor—and therefore showing signs Jody Stark Character Analysis puberty—she informs Janie that she was promised to Logan Killicks, a widower, from a young age facts about kiwi her own well-being and protection. Jody Stark Character Analysis they finally married, of course Janie was introduced to intercourse for the first time, making her sexually mature. Black American Literature Forum. We use cookies to give you the Nicotine Synthesis Essay experience possible. Not all African-American critics had negative things to say about Hurston's work.

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Topics: Literary Analysis. Throughout her flashback, she experiences life and marriage with three different men named Logan Killicks, Joe Starks, and Vergible Woods. In her first marriage, the man she was with was everything that Nanny Crawford wanted him to be. Logan Killicks was a farmer with 60 acres of his own land, his own money, and big house all to himself. She did not want Janie to have to endure those things, and she was going to make sure by setting Janie up to marry Logan Killicks.

Logan had been watching Janie grow up, and he noticed how beautiful she was becoming so he mentioned marrying Janie to Nanny long before she brought it up to Janie [Page 13]. Janie was just what Logan needed. She was young, pretty, and she would do well inheriting his land after he died. Although Janie was marrying Logan for protection, Logan was marrying Janie from her looks, making her out to be a trophy wife. But the key that both Logan and Janie were missing in the thought of their marriage was love. Janie was not even interested in Logan at all. Janie felt that the reason why people married was because they loved one another, but since her marriage happened because of other circumstances, she thought the love would eventually come [Page 21].

After they finally married, of course Janie was introduced to intercourse for the first time, making her sexually mature. That is her first walk into womanhood. But she also came to the realization that marriage does not bring love after a month and two weeks of marriage [Page 23]. This shows her maturity of how relationships work, while also marking her second walk into womanhood. After this conclusion, almost a year into her marriage she came to a greater realization.

Janie wanted her pear tree, which symbolized everything that love should be [Page 11]. Logan was not her pear tree. After almost a year, the newly wed attitude died down and he began treating Janie as his equal, expecting her to do work around the farm just like he did [Page 26]. Their relationship began to be like that between a parent and a child. He told her what to do and she was expected to do it. It also did not help that Logan was so much older than Janie; it reestablishes this parent and child bond. After Logan began acting this way, Janie did not stay long. Once she saw it fit, Janie left Logan, and ran away to marry Joe.

Logan was the only man Janie ever left. Joe Starks was a business man and the epitome of a go getter. He was older than Janie like Logan, being 10 years her senior. Once he ran off with Janie, he made it so. He showered her with clothes of silk and wool [Page 33] and made sure he instilled in her that she was a princess. To Janie, Joe seemed to be a man that could make things happen. Fortunately, he turned out to be exactly that. It did not take long for things to happen once Janie and Joe made it to Eatonville. He immediately became mayor of the town, and with the money he ad come with he made improvements to everything he thought needed it [Page ].

It did not take long for him to achieve his goals. Janie wanted her pear tree; she longed for real love, and she actually seemed to love Joe. She even gave him a pet name which was Jody [Page 29]. Again unfavorably for Janie, she did not receive all her goals in this marriage. He spoke for Janie [Page 43], he secluded her from the townspeople saying that with his big voice made a big woman out of her [Page 46], and he even started making Janie wear a head scarf because he did not like the attention that Janie got from her long, beautiful hair [Page 49].

Janie knew this was never what she wanted out of her husband; she had not expected this from Joe. He only got worse as time went on. They were married for over 17 years, and as they both aged, Joe began to get evil with Janie. This was the only time Janie had to tell him about the independence she had longed for during their marriage [Page 85]. She did not have much hope left anyways for her life because she annoyed the misfit with her ugly and selfish ways. In another quote the grandmother implies that the misfit is a good man by stating, "Yes it's a beautiful day," said the grandmother. I can just look at you and tell" The grandmother doesn't know the misfit from Adam, yet she already gave him a persona that he has to match. She was not contented with the banal and basic Gerald and it did not match the standards of Kat.

Antigone and Haemon are honorable for their actions, but still did not get the positive turn out that they are searching for. They all use their unshakable willpower in different ways but still end up with a downfall of either dying or losing their loved. However, the reality is the life does not work in this way. The life is full of tests and complications. The virtuous life is a really complicated one. There are many barriers between people because of being discriminated based on appearance,wealth and popularity.

In the story the Sneetches according to Theodor Geisel author of the Sneetches effectively illustrates that a person's appearance should not define them. According to the story of the Sneetches there is a huge barrier between the sneetches because some had stars and others didn't. Truly the Sneetches without stars expressed themselves by acting out by going to fix it up chappie who was willing to help out the Sneetches if they payed for stars. The imperfection of mankind is further demonstrated when Lady Bertilak tempts Gawain with the green girdle. The fact is human beings There are huge voids left unfilled by purposefully fashioning one 's personality and actions into a certain image, especially when it is at odds with the way one truly feels.

I am a perfect example of this fact. By strictly adhering to certain behaviors, I have never been able to project an accurate image of who and what I am when someone initially meets me. The client was a man that was chauvinistic and did not want to speak to me because of my sexuality. I did better than I thought, but I am concerned that the counseling process would be different in real life.

It would be beneficial to learn ways to help the client to open up even when there is resistance. Another challenge that one may face not being knowledgeable of the many intervention. For example, when working with a client that was afraid of clowns, it was obvious that I was not fully confident in working with a scenario that I was not knowledgeable about. Jody Starks and I can be compared is some main aspects. These aspects can be named as; charismatic, entrepreneurial, with a high self esteem.

Jody some negative attributes that I can atest that do not go along with my personality, one of those attributions that I completely do not agree with would be being sexist to women.

Buy Now. His motives with Katherine are Jody Stark Character Analysis for her wealth. He tells of his Jody Stark Character Analysis to incorporate Eatonville Jody Stark Character Analysis the first all-black town in America. Stern 13 Another example is when Jim asks if he is going to stop him from heading into trouble. On top of that, he now has Jody Stark Character Analysis deal with Jody Stark Character Analysis girlfriend's ex Jody Stark Character Analysis out of jail and attempting to Jody Stark Character Analysis back Hyperbole In Tamburlaine he's been missing.

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