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Keystone XL Pipeline Analysis

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Alberta ends its involvement with Keystone XL pipeline

Oil is used to produce electricity, to operate vehicles and for a number of other vital purposes. Unfortunately exploiting the earth's petroleum resources has a serious environmental impact as the water gets contaminated and unfit for drinking until purified and oil reserves decrease which leads to scarcity of oil based products. What is an oil spill? JDB An oil spill is a type of pollution which consists on the dumping of petrol into the environment, mainly into oceans although it can also occur on land. These oil spills are mainly caused by the release of crude oils, wells, platforms and drilling rings. These oil spills, can very well damage the environment and therefore causing many consequences to different groups of animals and pollute the area where the dumping took place.

Now we have much worse things like cars that leave of smog and gases like carbon monoxide and all those other gases that are led of from everywhere. They ruin our natural wonders, cause global warming and make the earth look so dirty. These gases cause deaths from premature birth, lung cancer, heart attacks, to asthma attacks. Ilyaas Farah Word count: Sulfide Mining should be rejected Sulfide mining has a bad effect on both the economy and the environment. Sulfide mining is the process of removing copper, nickel, and other metals from sulfide ores. Minnesota 's traditional iron ore mining and sulfide mining are two very different types of mining. Sulfide mining has more environmental risks than Minnesota 's traditional iron ore mining. Love Canal Case Study The story of the love canal is one of the most environmentally damaging incidents of the 20th century.

But can you imagine how many more toxic dumps there is, that have been forgotten about? We can view these chemicals on the table below: One of the chemicals of note is Dioxin that is highly carcinogenic. A oil spill in , caused by a Chinese coal-carrying ship, went through the coral reef, leaving almost 2 miles of oil to mix with the ocean water Zimmerman. As more and more water is becoming contaminated with pesticides and chemicals, it is becoming even harder to stop the corals from dying.

The secondary effect of oil production in the Arctic region is that this oil will be consumed by customers across the world, emitting trace gases as a result of burning the resource for energy. One of the most important causes of Nile contamination is discharging of industrial facilities Mohamed et al. In this essay, the discussion will point to Nile contamination as a controversial issue and highlight some health problems which occur as consequences of using polluted water in Egypt.

Likewise, the essay will raise some scientific methods to determine the percentage of heavy metal in water supported by example. Then it will suggest some chemical technical solutions to reduce the percentage of heavy metals in Nile and reuse it again for many purposes. The reason personally that I believe that you should vote no is because of the problems that will occur do to transporting oil in this way. Not only are we effected the environment in a negative way, we are also putting lives in jeopardy. The mile underground pipeline would link the tar sands fields of northern Alberta to oil refineries in Texas may sound like a great idea, let me tell you why I know that it is a bad idea.

It is said that this fuel is dirty as well as the process that it will take to get this oil. The main way that oil and natural gas reserves are acquired are through the means of Fracking. Also known as hydrofracking, this method utilizes a drill that drills down thousands of feet underground, which is then flushed with millions of gallons of water along with additive chemicals at high pressures to break the rocks sheltering the reserves. The Keystone Pipeline System is an oil pipeline composed of several sections.

Although the distance to its west coast is shorter, that route is plagued with a multitude of problems as it would cross the land of dozens of Native American tribes who are vehemently opposed to it. It is surprising how many articles regarding the Keystone XL Pipeline are so misleading with much of the mainstream media blatantly disregarding the facts surrounding the project. Perhaps not too surprising as TransCanada, the Calgary, Alberta based energy company building the Keystone XL Pipeline, has made a concerted effort to create a campaign of factual distortions, coercion, and fraud in its single minded trek towards enormous profits, its website created specifically to address their pipeline being a "spin" masterpiece.

Drafts for the Initial environmental studies were being released as early as mid by State Department staffers eager to rubber stamp the project and push it through without conducting thorough reviews. They may have accomplished this had the BP oil spill and then leaks in Keystone Pipeline Phase 1 not occurred. Once these failures happened, the Keystone XL Pipeline became the center of a storm of controversy. Under this scrutiny, it was revealed that the initial studies should be deemed inadmissible for numerous reasons including: inexperienced and unqualified staffers were held responsible for gathering data, study requirements did not include the environmental scope necessary and that one staff member had questionable ties to TransCanada itself.

The most recent and supposed final report from the State Department has proven to be no more viable than the previous attempts. Released January 31, , the report downplays the environmental risks involved in the project and, considering the circumstances, this should come as no surprise. And assuming TransCanada believes its own website, neither can the company itself. According to the State Department, the Keystone XL will create approximately 2, to 4, temporary jobs during construction. This data comes directly from TransCanada itself. The study revealed that it expects the project to create a whopping 35 permanent jobs and 15 temporary jobs upon completion.

The project does not even produce a large number of spin-off jobs employment created around the construction of the Pipeline such as truck drivers, etc. The reduction in supply could increase the cost of gasoline per gallon 10 to 20 cents in this region, 15 states to be exact. Instead of giving the ailing steel industry here in the United States a boost, it is cheaper for TransCanada to buy foreign made.

These products will then be transported to Texas ports and then ultimately sold, not to America, but to foreign markets - for huge profits. Six companies have already contracted for three-quarters of the oil. Five are foreign, and the business model of the one American company — Valero — is geared toward export. The reality is a very different:. While a majority of the leaks were small, one of those leaks in North Dakota was a foot geyser. Since there are places where this aquifer runs fairly close to the surface, even the potential for leaks is unacceptable. TransCanada glibly hands all responsibility for meeting relevant regulations, codes and specifications to these companies.

Welspun, has a track record of and has been sued for producing substandard products. The reason for the aforementioned 14 spills was poor quality piping from this particular company. For the bitumen to be moved through the pipes, TransCanada will have to dilute it with chemicals that are particularly corrosive to steel and then force the mixture through the pipes under high pressure. Worse, TransCanada views these chemicals as company trade secrets and refuses to make them public knowledge.

After being ignored, Vokes finally turned whistleblower and filed a complaint with federal regulators. His complaints were still ignored and he was promptly fired. Not that TransCanada will be overly concerned if their pipelines do leak. The government requires pipelines to pay into the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund so that taxpayers will not have to pay for spill cleanup. The above video is an analysis done by Richard Stover, Pd. This process, which entails surface mining, also referred to as strip mining, destroys vast amounts of untouched wilderness and requires enormous amounts of energy and water.

Although the actual mining for the oil that will eventually travel through the Keystone XL Pipeline is not occurring on the U. It is difficult to put into words the utter devastation this type of oil extraction inflicts upon our natural world. But I was completely unprepared for what I found. Because this is just completely off-the-grid crazy—the scale is unbelievable. John Boehner, Speaker of the House, has not only received campaign funds from the six oil companies and one electric company directly involved with the Keystone XL Pipeline but also began investing in them in as the project began ramping up. And he is hardly the only politician in this position. The Keystone XL Pipeline is wrong in practically every way imaginable.

A few workers and a handful of politicians will benefit, millions of Americans will assume enormous risk and the foreign oil companies involved will make obscene profits. September Updated January Huffington Post. Acronym TV. March Bloomberg Businessweek. There are people Trans Canada and investors who promised to push the vetoed Keystone XL Pipeline through after President Obama vetoed it, and by golly they wasted no time! It is the WRONG thing for Trump to approve it, proving he is listening to media and others who are not representing the true facts and consequences. The Keystone XL will carry tar sands low grade, nearly toxic raw oil meant to flow through pipelines running across the most sacred areas of the West where highly endangered animals and birds live in our country!

I did a podcast series on this not many years ago and thought this was finished. Also, the oil is to be piped and transported to the east coast of Texas, and then sent by boat for export to Europe! No benefit to the US or North America! The media lied about all this and this is still the case. I liked the guy until now… but he needs to get his facts straight, something his people are not good at! Fortunately, this is one issue that has been resolved in favor of the facts! When people want to understand why the KXL pipeline was rejected, perhaps this article will help them. Two years have elapsed since you wrote your article I agree with you and others submitting comments Americans just are not well read when it comes to facts and statistics concerning important issues.

If the media were to spend a few weeks now addressing all aspects with straight facts, photos of the Tar Sands extraction sites, projections of the amount of this extracted oil moved by both rail and pipeline am guessing the pipeline will eventually occur , the percent to be sold as refined fuel in the US, vs. The latest news claims that after they build the pipeline that there will be 35 new jobs in America. They lied, because they will need hundreds of people to clean up oil spills and more then 35 lawyers alone to fight anyone who claims damages. There is already a Canadian corp developing a site in NE Utah. Hi Sanxuary - and have you heard about the Alberta Clipper? Obama has apparently just quietly approved it!

What a weasel! Thank you for commenting R. Fitzgerald - I'm not sure I totally understand what you're saying but think that it's that every state that has to put up with a pipeline running through their land should be compensated for it. IMO, that should be the least of our worries. Not currently being reported much is the plan to place the pipeline through an Indian reservation. The tribe has threatened to close its borders and fight a war.

Even better other tribes plan to join them. Now we have Canada starting a civil war in our country, how nice. Like all lying politicians the facts only become reality after they approve the plan. If the pipe line is put in every state should charge a state tax on every gallon that flows through the line within each border of each state. The European oil company's and us company's want Americans paying 8. Like the returns on the development of the horiziontal drilling which was funded by the us tax payers. Chrissy: thank you for responding. I myself have seen pipelines being built where I live and there were less than 30 workers building it. Once the pipeline is in the ground I can see it being entirely feasible for only 35 workers to maintain it.

Comparing the maintenance of a pipeline to running a McDonalds is completely ludicrous. TransCanada is claiming they are building the safest pipeline but the reality is a telling a different story. No need to do research re: the problems with transport by train — the dangers of that have been in headlines over and over recently. TransCanada is not trying to take over the United States because our oil companies already have — and they have a major hand in running it.

But so long as the oil companies are raking in obscene profits, those types of alternatives will never be taken as seriously as they should be — their lobbyists will see to that. Anyone telling you different either has an agenda or is delusional. Again, I appreciate your comment. It is always interesting, although very frightening, to see how gullible some of the public is when comes to oil company lies. I think you are missing the point with this article, you are just trying to paint TransCanada as some money hungry idiots trying to take over North America, but really isn't the argument environment versus economics. TransCanada is a business trying to transport a product in the most efficient and safest matter, and will transport that product pipeline or not.

Pipelines have come a long way and although there are problems, they are still superior compared to transport by rail. Which if you did your research, also has an extensive list of problems. It's pretty easy to convince people that the company is the problem but if there is a need for that product then they will sell it. Then maybe these companies you so clearly hate won't have as much as an impact. But I don't think the world is going to be switching to solar energy completely anytime soon.

Maybe you should rethink your argument We can only hope they drill for gas next door to his house. After the toxic fumes kill his family and he becomes even dumber as he lights his water on fire each day to drink it, his dead yard collapses from a fracking quake. What a joke! Completely false! The BP spill should have been a huge wakeup call to this country. I would not want one job from this company in America. I guess we forgot all about BP. Everything there oil spill touched they had the right to tell every American to leave the beach. No one actually even knows if the hole was ever sealed. They never paid 99 percent of the victims and after spraying the ocean with dispersants no one even knows how many victims their will be.

They were powerful enough to hush the media and bury the whole story that really has never ended. This is what you will get the day you allow these people in. A company that will be above National Security, I would never want to live next door to that. Mark - how many jobs have I created? That the Keystone XL is creating jobs? What, you mean the 5, max temporary ones? Or the 35 permanent ones? Am I caught up in the way our society functions? Yes — just like Patriot - thanks for responding again. But unfortunately, it is you who is completely ignorant when it comes to the facts:.

Yes, there has now been a second study done which appears to be as flawed as the first due to a conflict of interest with ERM and TransCanada having previous business ties. So much for computers watching for leaks. And for your information, computers watching for leaks is only second rate technology. Infrared sensors or fiber-optic cables are both better technologies but cost more so TransCanada decided not to use them.

I did not know that fact about the caribou — interesting. However, as is typical with your shortsighted crowd, you completely ignore the fact that eventually the oil in the pipeline reaches a harbor and is put on an oil tanker and another set of potential possibilities for oil leaks arises. Oh, and by the way, an article dated spoke of leaks in the Alaska Pipeline in that year alone — and that pipeline, which was only made to last 25 years, has only gotten older since.

Solyndra, Solyndra, Solyndra. Once again, a factless response. Oil is not the future — alternative energies are. As to your second response.

Focus on the following Keystone XL Pipeline Analysis Zero down on the central problem and two to five related problems in the case study. When TC Energy Keystone XL Pipeline Analysis the pipeline would create Keystone XL Pipeline Analysisjobs, a State Department report Keystone XL Pipeline Analysis concluded the project would require fewer than 2, two-year construction jobs and that the Keystone XL Pipeline Analysis of jobs would hover around 35 after construction. The Keystone XL Pipeline Analysis step God Of Small Things Theme organizing the solution Walter Laqueur: A Radical Leftist Analysis on the requirement Keystone XL Pipeline Analysis the Keystone XL Pipeline Analysis. Step Keystone XL Pipeline Analysis - Keystone XL Pipeline Case Study Keystone XL Pipeline Analysis Once you are comfortable with the details and objective of the business case study Keystone XL Pipeline Analysis forward to Keystone XL Pipeline Analysis some details into the analysis template. Extensive advertising campaigns and intensive lobbying in Washington did not seem to have improved the Keystone XL Pipeline Analysis of Keystone XL Pipeline Analysis pipeline's construction.

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