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Hurricane Katrina Cost

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On August 29, it made a second landfall in Southeast Louisiana. The storm hit many parts of the Gulf coast, extending from Florida to Texas. Towns located in coastal areas such as Mississippi experienced severe property damage. Organizations that have similar responsibilities include fire departments, mobile rescue squads, ambulance services, police departments, telephone companies, hospitals, and utility companies. Prior to the arrival of Hurricane Katrina, meteorologists had warned people in the Gulf Coast states that a major storm was on its way and it would cause severe damage. The agency was created in to coordinate the response to disasters that occurred within the US, and that could not be contained by local and state authorities Ouellette, Another agency responsible was the Louisiana Office of Emergency Preparedness.

Prior to the Hurricane, several emergency plans had been put in place. First, the United States Coast Guard deployed resources in areas that the meteorological department had predicted would be hit by the storm Huder, For instance, they activated more than reservists and staged aircraft rescue teams in Florida. Second, FEMA conducted a five-day exercise to prepare people in the event that a hurricane would strike Ouellette, Third, President Bush declared a state of emergency in Louisiana as a precautionary measure.

As a result, mandatory evacuations were issued. The Canadian National Railway CN and Amtrak suspended their services in areas that were projected to be affected, and the Waterford nuclear power plant was shut down Ouellette, The city of New Orleans established a refugee center at the Louisiana Superdome for residents who had nowhere to go and supplied food and water.

In addition, the Louisiana National Guard supplied water and water that could last or three days. Training conducted to prepare or a hurricane prior to Katrina included search and rescue, damage assessment, communication between rescue teams, and evacuation. Prior to the storm, FEMA conducted evacuation and rescue exercises aimed at preparing rescue teams for the storm. The 5-day exercise ran from July The rescue exercise was conducted by Innovative Emergency Management IEM and involved the participation of more than 40 agencies that deal with disaster response. Two hundred fifty emergency officials from federal and state agencies attended the exercise.

The populace was aware of the emergency plan because a few days prior to the storm, the President had declared a state of emergency and called for emergency evacuations. People knew that they were supposed to leave the cities and seek refuge in other states that were not mentioned as targets. The Superdome sports complex was also declared a designated rescue center for people who had nowhere to go. Hurricane Katrina uncovered several emergency planning failures. The National Weather Service issued warnings of a storm here days before the storm caused the first landfall. Many of them depended on the means of transportation provided by their state and federal governments. Even though the Hurricane Pam exercise was useful in the rescue operations, the plan was not a full operational guide, especially with regard to issues such as evacuation Ouellette, Therefore, the responders were not well-prepared, and their efforts were characterized by poor coordination.

Third, the disaster response plan was inadequate. The plan was rendered ineffective when the Hurricane strengthened to category 5. The main organizational and policy factor that led to the planning failures of Hurricane Katrina was the authority and role of FEMA in disaster response. FEMA only intervenes during disaster response when local and state authorities have been overwhelmed. The emergency plan created prior to Katrina anticipated a category three storm with winds traveling at kilometers per hour Ouellette, Therefore, local and state resources would be adequate in responding to the storm. However, the plan was rendered ineffective when the storm intensified to Category 5.

If FEMA had the mandate to respond to disaster regardless of its magnitude, then the Hurricane could not have caused much destruction. Floodwaters from Hurricane Katrina stranded thousands of New Orleans residents. Evacuees crowd the floor of the Astrodome in Houston on September 2, The facility housed 15, refugees who fled the destruction of Hurricane Katrina. A neighborhood east of downtown New Orleans remains flooded on August 30, A woman gets carried out of floodwaters after being trapped in her home in Orleans Parish, Louisiana, on August 30, Police watch over prisoners from Orleans Parish Prison who were evacuated to a highway on September 1, Daryl Thompson and his daughter Dejanae, 3 months old, wait with other displaced residents on a highway to catch a ride out of New Orleans on August 31, Thousands were looking for a place to go after leaving the Superdome shelter.

Residents of Saucier, Mississippi, line up to get gas on August 31, Hanging from her roof, a woman waits to be rescued by New Orleans Fire Department workers on August 29, People seek high ground on Interstate 90 as a helicopter prepares to land at the Superdome in New Orleans on August 31, A woman cries after returning to her house and business, destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, on August 30, , in Biloxi, Mississippi. People search for their belongings among debris washed up on the beach in Biloxi on August 30, People try to get to higher ground as water rises on August 30, , in New Orleans.

People wade through high water in front of the Superdome in New Orleans on August 30, President George W. August 29, Katrina makes landfall near Grand Isle, Louisiana as a Category 3 storm with winds near mph. Wind and water damage to the roof created unsafe conditions, leading authorities to conduct emergency evacuations of the Superdome. Fatalities directly or indirectly. Read More. Nearly half the fatalities in Louisiana were people over the age of Private Insurance Payments. Insurance Information Institute Report. National Flood Insurance Payments. Impact on the Gulf Coast.

More than one million people in the Gulf region were displaced by the storm.

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