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Analytical Essay: The Tragedy Of Romeo And Juliet

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Analysis of Juliet from 'Romeo and Juliet'

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Likewise, the oxymoronic contrasts relating to the death-love nature of their relationship also injects a sense of poignancy. Despite the hatred, Romeo and Juliet are intuitively and romantically drawn to each other and harbour a desire to rise above petty grievances. Shakespeare suggests that love is far superior to hatred and does not respect borders and barriers. The contrasting darker forces of hatred inject a sense of urgency into the relationship and lead to risk-taking sacrifices as an expression of their love. Tybalt and Mercutio represent the dark forces of each family that threaten the peace and undermine the profound love of Romeo and Juliet.

Shakespeare suggests that these malign forces are disruptive and divisive and only lead to death. As a fiery Capulet, Tybalt plays a prominent role in perpetuating the feud through his provocative and misguided attempts to protect their family pride. This is particularly evident during his fatal encounter with his mirror image, Mercutio.

Throughout the play, Shakespeare critiques prevailing social attitudes relating to women such as their status as chattels, and their subordinate social role. The typical derogatory and dehumanising view of women as property and sexual objects is exposed in the conversations between Sampson and Gregory, Romeo and his friends, and the Nurse and Capulet with Juliet. The passionate language of Romeo and Juliet had widespread appeal among the populace. Shapiro: Both lovers are expected to conform to the sexual conventions of their society which forbids them the liberty of speaking their own lines.

Juliet meets the masked Romeo at the Capulet ball and both are unaware of their group identities before they fall in love. Nameless, they are not hemmed in by social convention. Although forbidden, their love is also inspirational and exalted, particularly because of the maturity of both the young stars as evident in their deft language choices and sensible tone. In her turn, Juliet seeks to resist the male desire inherent in the patriarchal power-structure to turn her into a compliant female without choice or desire. That Shakespeare gives Juliet equal right of reply in their first sonnets sets the scene for a relationship forged on mutual attraction and a love that is reciprocal and equal.

Shakespeare challenges the subordinate role of the female in conventional sonnets of the time to depict Juliet as an equal partner who is not typically silent. Their equality is evident during their first romantic first encounter, where the young lovers speak, touch, then kiss in the course of sharing a sonnet. In this case the lovers each speak in quatrains; the passionate pilgrim, Romeo, speaks first, and unlike other 16th century traditional sonnets wherein the female voice is silent, Shakespeare gives Juliet the right of reply, showing a greater sense of power of the feminine.

This equality reflects his view that love works best between equal partners. Juliet is distrustful of fancy phrases and implores Romeo to speak as plainly as possible. She suggests that no matter what one calls a rose, its quality would be the same. He struggles to assert a self that is not confined to the boundaries of the feud and indeed to the language of that feud.

Contrastingly, Rosaline and Romeo have a tendency to be pretentious and affected. Like Romeo, Juliet struggles to avoid the language that seeks to confine them both to an established sexual order. Rather, Juliet asks Romeo to avoid slipping into the role of devoted worshipper at her shrine. Eventually, though love brings about a rapprochement between the families. Capulet and Montague agree to bury their feud in light of the tragedy that has befallen their families and the incredible sacrifice of the lovers. Who is to blame? The continual feud between the Montague and the Capulet families results in ongoing conflict. There are many factors that are responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. Friar Lawrence, fate and their parents can be held responsible for their tragic demise.

But the lovers and Friar Lawrence, unwittingly, make decisions that undermine their best intentions. They seem to choose against themselves. The feuding families To a large extent, the feud is responsible for the tragic deaths. There is a lot of ill-feeling and hatred between the two clans and the feuding families creates a malignant context for the lovers, who are expected to marry within the social boundaries of the family. Significantly, both Romeo and Juliet fall in love before they become aware that they both hail from the enemy clan.

Juliet and Romeo are both determined to find a way to be together and get married despite their enemy status. Marriage plans: Lord and Lady Capulet force Juliet to marry Paris without asking her opinion because they assume that she will obey them. You disobedient wretch! Friar Lawrence: a moderate world view passion and restraint Despite his best intentions, Friar Lawrence devises a plan that involves considerable risk-taking, beginning with the magic potion that Juliet must drink. Ironically, the chain of events undermines his best intentions. Whilst he preaches moderation and restraint, his plan gives rise to extreme actions. During his initial soliloquy, he tends lovingly to his plants, which he collects to make medicines.

Using the analogy of the natural world, he notes that a disturbance to this natural balance has malign consequences. This harmony can be replicated in human lives so long as passion and desire are appropriately restrained. Such comments foreshadow the simmering feud between both Tybalt and Mercutio, who misapply the notions of courage and honour, with disastrous consequences for the lovers. Shakespeare constructs the two figures, Mercutio and Tybalt, as mirror images of their different families. Both incite hatred and inflame the tension between the two clans. Both bear a grudge against each other. They both use words and phrases to deliberately offend each other. Mercutio is just as provocative as Tybalt. His language and his words are very inflammatory.

As a result, Mercutio interprets this offensively. He refuses to listen to reason from either Benvolio or Romeo. They refuse to settle for peace.

Mercutio Analytical Essay: The Tragedy Of Romeo And Juliet just as provocative as Tybalt. Usually, an analytical essay Analytical Essay: The Tragedy Of Romeo And Juliet writing about, and analyzing, a book or a movie. The continual feud between the Montague Analytical Essay: The Tragedy Of Romeo And Juliet the Capulet Theodore Roosevelts Contribution To Conservation In The US results in ongoing conflict.

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