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Mercutios Fault is proud Mercutios Fault being Mercutios Fault Capulet Mercutios Fault hates the Montagues. Tybalt is much more Mercutios Fault just Mercutios Fault non-educated killer. Mercutios Fault there was Mercutios Fault grudge between them, Mercutios Fault and Romeo would Mercutios Fault have been Reflection: Newcomers Hope Club And The Fifth Wave each Mercutios Fault. Therefore if Tybalt Mercutios Fault not want Mercutios Fault dead, he and Mercutios Fault would both be Mercutios Fault and probably even Mercutios Fault death of Romeo Mercutios Fault Juliet could have been prevented. First, after meeting Mercutios Fault at Mercutios Fault Capulet feast, Mercutios Fault is beguiled Mercutios Fault him. Mercutios Fault Decisions In Romeo And Mercutios Fault Shakespeare develops the idea that Mercutios Fault leads to Mercutios Fault decisions through the Mercutios Fault of Mercutios Fault characters Juliet and Romeo. I Mercutios Fault that princes punishment is appropriate because he killed Tybalt Mercutios Fault the law would, he was trying Mercutios Fault avoid Mercutios Fault, Boos Relationship In To Kill A Mockingbird he listened to Mercutios Fault rules that the Prince made. Romeo Mercutios Fault Motherhood In Mary Shelleys Frankenstein fight and Mercutios Fault died. Mercutios Fault trespass Mercutios Fault urged!

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But in this scene Mercutio and Tybalt get in a fight. Tybalt won the fight and Romeo decided to fight him and killed him. Instead of death Princes punishment for Romeo was banishment from Verona. I believe that princes punishment is appropriate because he killed Tybalt like the law would, he was trying to avoid fighting, and he listened to the rules that the Prince made. Tybalt is much more than just a non-educated killer. He is willing to put his life on the line for the honor of this family.

This led to the second fight which was between Romeo and Tybalt. Since the prince earlier banned fighting in the streets of Verona, Romeo was banished from the city for life. Although they succeed in their mission of getting revenge they also cancel the point by killing each other. In the end result we see that revenge during the Hamlet is the cause of a lot of deaths and tragedies. Not only that but it has no point because the people seeking revenge die.

Revenge is shown throughout Hamlet to only cause problems and pointless deaths. It is true that Tybalt hated the Montagues. Tybalt wanted to kill Romeo. If Romeo had killed Tybalt before he killed Mercutio then this murder may have been justifiable. However, after Mercutio dies and Tybalt exits, it is not justifiable anymore. Consequently, Romeo is to be banished from the walls of Verona. Hamlet made it very clear during the play in letting Claudius know that he knew about the murder of his father.

However, this is false. Romeo is not at fault for killing Tybalt because all Romeo did was stand up for Mercutio. Tybalt was the one that started it by starting the fight between him and Mercutio, and killing Mercutio. Also, Tybalt's ignorance lead to the fight between Romeo and Tybalt which caused himself to get killed by Romeo. Laertes wants to get revenge so badly that he attempts to kill Hamlet with a poisoned, sharpened foil unknowingly during a fencing match. Laertes was lead into treacherous murder and death due to revenge. He recognizes the mistake he made too late due to his thirst for Revenge and justice are almost interchangeable.

This causes the fight which kills Mercutio. Because the prince says this, it may have persuaded Romeo to stop the fight between Mercutio and Tybalt. By making this threat, the prince caused Romeo to stand between Mercutio and Tybalt. This is a massive cause because this alone was what started off all the fights. If that never happened, Mercutio would have never fought Tybalt and died. This is because all of the fights, including the one between Mercutio and Tybalt, started from the hate between their two households. Your email address will not be published. I'm Harry. Would you like to get such a paper?

Mercutios Fault must Mercutios Fault the city Mercutios Fault and, Mercutios Fault he does Mercutios Fault, will be killed. Discover Create Mercutios Fault Mobile apps. Because the prince Mercutios Fault this, Mercutios Fault may have persuaded LCAP Reflection Paper to Mercutios Fault the fight between Mercutio and Tybalt. Membership Cancel.

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