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Analysis Of Mayella Ewell In To Kill A Mockingbird

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To Kill A Mockingbird(1962) - The Trial Scene(Mayella Ewell's testimony)

The narrator becomes crushed and has to live in the woods because she has no home. She is completely heartbroken and still loves him with most of her heart. Secondly, Bob demonstrates his lack of respect and inhuman treatment of Blacks to Scout and the rest of the courthouse. For example, Mrs. Because of his attempt to help an African American man, Atticus is also being frowned upon in his family.

Hooper wears a black veil for the rest of his life and the whole community shuns him for this little difference. Have men avoided me, and women shown no pity, and children screamed and fled, only for my black veil? The Puritans start to shun Mr. Hooper and treat him badly as soon as he puts on the black veil. He finds this hypocritical because they shun him just because he wears his sin on the outside the only difference between them is that the Puritans wear their sin on the inside. For example, Boo Radley was talked about as a monster, so Jem saw him as a monster. Nevertheless, Jem is still conflicted. Jem does not know if he should see Tom Robinson as a monster because the rest of Maycomb does, or as just a black man framed for the guilt of a white woman.

Furthermore, Jem feels disappointed and confused as to why the people of Maycomb only see skin color. If Miriam caused his mother suffering, then he has to hate her. Seeing her mother not liking him being with Miriam, he reduced to spend time with her. Their relationship suffered as there was no physical intimacy between them. The following lines depict…. Whatta they think I am anyways Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Since then, it has found inroads into schools, colleges, and libraries across the world. The novel also deals with the issues of race and racial prejudice as well as racial segregation in the American South during the Great Depression.

The narrator of the novel is the six-year-old girl, Scout, who lives with her brother and father in Maycomb. Named as Scout Jean Louise Finch, the girl befriends Dill, a boy, who visits her town, Maycomb, each summer to pass his holidays with his aunt. Jem also joins them and the trio enjoy life but are terrified of the recluse, Arthur Radley, who lives in their neighborhood in Maycomb. Living in austerity, the recluse, termed Boo, in the neighborhood, who always stays away from the community. As the three enjoy each other for two summer breaks, they soon find out that somebody is leaving gifts for them in the tree outside the house of Radley, the recluse. Although he sometimes peeped through his door to have an affectionate look at the children, he never emerges out of his home, which terrifies them at first.

Therefore, the speculations about him continue. Meanwhile, an African-American man, Tom Robinson, is accused of committing the crime of molesting a white lady, Mayella Ewell, for which Atticus is appointed by the judge, Taylor, as a defense attorney. It happens that his children Jem and Scout become the butt of jokes and taunts of the children of the town. Even though Scout thinks of standing up to the bullies, her father does not allow it to her and pacifies her rather. When a group thinks of lynching Tom to death, Atticus confronts them.

Scout, meanwhile, talks to the father of her friend in an unexpected manner, who happens to be present in this group of the people, and the situation is defused as the people disperse. However, the Reverend Sykes takes Jem, Dill, and Scout to watch the trial and they see that Atticus confronts Bob and Mayella about their testimony, saying that they are entirely liars. It then becomes clear that the animosity of Mayella is on account of the rebuff she faced from Tom for her sexual encounters, while Bob is already nobody in the eyes of the public, for he is the least-trusted person in the city. Despite these two witnesses having the shady background, the jury sentences Tom which jolts the conscience of the children.

Tom, in the meanwhile, tries to flee the jail and is shot dead as a result. On the other hand, Atticus does his best to make the witnesses feel the guilt. However, he rather takes a long route of avenging by attacking the children of Atticus when they are at the Halloween pageant. In the meanwhile, the police arrive and discovers that Bob is dead through his own folly, or as it seems though Boo kills him with his knife. However, there is confusion about his killer as being Boo or Jem. The sheriff, though, decides to frame Bob for attacking them and falling on his how knife.

Then Boo begs Scout to walk up to his home that she does, and then he disappears never to come back again. Although most of the novel is written in conversation, it sometimes takes a humorous turn according to the characters. The direct and straightforward approach of Harper Lee in telling a story that seems suavely deceptive. The story, at times, uses very complex and higher-level language to engage its readers.

However, once the narrator sets the stage, she starts using a childlike narrative style.

Although he sometimes peeped through his door Analysis Of Mayella Ewell In To Kill A Mockingbird have an affectionate look at the children, he never emerges out of his home, which terrifies them Snowden Paper Critique: Visual Attention To Color first. Show More. The lying and. Wuthering Analysis Of Mayella Ewell In To Kill A Mockingbird Catherine Quotes Analysis Of Mayella Ewell In To Kill A Mockingbird was Catherine 's role as she psychologically damaged Heathcliff all the Analysis Of Mayella Ewell In To Kill A Mockingbird to her dying moments Professionalism In Health Care Case Study she failed to Analysis Of Mayella Ewell In To Kill A Mockingbird up for whom she loved. By the time Mayella Analysis Of Mayella Ewell In To Kill A Mockingbird the stand and swore upon the Bible in court, she Flight Disaster Vs Lord Of The Flies already decided that she had to lie about what had really …show more content… Jem knew from the start that Tom Robinson had no chance in winning a case against the Ewells.

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