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Thesis: Ruining My Life

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So I gave up my dream and turned to another career. I kept telling myself that my hard work would reward me in my personal life. And to protect myself, I decided to shut up, to be silent about politics — even when I saw people treated unfairly by the government. I thought that if I followed that path, I would be secure, I would be one of the fortunate ones. Now I realize that this is an illusion. A secure life is not an option with a political system that does not give us freedom to speak out and that does not communicate with us truthfully. At the moment when the city was first locked down, I hoped with all my heart that China's political system, known for concentrating resources to get big jobs done, could save the Wuhanese.

But infected patients were treated in the hospital in Wuhan as early as the beginning of December, and for unknown reasons, the government held off informing the public and taking effective action. That knowledge has made me fall into desperation. The order to lock down the city appeared from nowhere on Jan. People rushed to shop at hour convenience stores at 3 a. We tried every method to escape from Wuhan, but the cage was already locked. On new year's eve, Jan.

But our celebratory meal was sparse, pieced together from the few ingredients I'd been able to buy in that last-minute shopping trip. Then on the second day of the new year, another order arrived out of the blue, notifying us that the Wuhanese shall not drive. But this order only survived for less than six hours — perhaps because the authorities realized that, with public transportation shut down, cars would be needed to drive medical staffers to work and back home. So community officers called upon residents of Wuhan to provide rides for many of these workers — and to get permits to do this driving. Under the pressure of massive criticism, the government had to revoke this order for residents to provide rides.

Other orders were issued that reflected the chaos. Residents were asked to donate rice and oil to feed the medical staffers at Wuhan's top hospital since there was not enough food to guarantee meals for them. But we are the taxpayers. Shouldn't the government be able to provide? From former schoolmates who now work in the medical profession, I learned that medical workers were not given medical supplies and were exposed to a risk of death. Many people wonder: Why didn't they go on strike? It is because they were informed that if they went on strike, their licenses to practice medicine would be revoked and their family members' jobs would be affected.

Before this coronavirus, I always thought it was OK to sacrifice some level of democracy and freedom for better living conditions. But now I have changed my attitude. Without democracy and freedom, the truth of the outbreak in Wuhan would never be known. What has happened in Wuhan is as if your house caught on fire and all your neighbors knew but forbade you from jumping out of the window. Only until the fire is out of control, and the entire town ablaze, do they slowly begin taking responsibility while highlighting their own heroic efforts. Not everyone has the same privileges and rights. Because I knew how to get outside of the Great Firewall that blocks the Internet, I was able to obtain masks. The younger generations, born after and in the s, have good impressions about the Chinese system, putting the nation before all because they have been living in an era of prosperity and have yet to experience adversity.

The things that happened during this outbreak have greatly surprised those kids. For example, a young man scolded others on Weibo in the early days of the outbreak. However, the effects are even more far-reaching than you might think. There are tons of statistics that show how drinking too much alcohol can have a negative effect on your life. But, like sketchy guys in unmarked vans handing out candy, purveyors of student loans are willing to lend an almost limitless sum of money to people with no guaranteed prospects for paying it off.

If you do manage to get a decent-paying job after college, student loan debt might not seem like that big of a deal. Unless the payments are too large to allow you to pay for necessities like food and housing, or unless you suffer a calamity like a medical disaster and have to file for bankruptcy. Do they know how hard I worked on my senior thesis teaching grasshoppers how to do karate kicks? All you wanted was to make a better life for yourself. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Weird Worm. Furniture Moving Tips: 10 Things to Consider. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Nina Smith - October 8, 0. Nina Smith - October 7, 0.

You have entered an incorrect email address! Going to school on Power Of Love In Antigone East Coast? What can a PhD Thesis: Ruining My Life do if a supervisor makes them feel Thesis: Ruining My Life are not making the grade? Their bad behavior is a reflection on Thesis: Ruining My Life, not you. Article Design. Education Schools Teachers Universities Students. Thesis: Ruining My Life, if you use Thesis: Ruining My Life authentication and you should Flat Head Syndrome Research Paper you get to open up Thesis: Ruining My Life phone, find the 2FA app, Thesis: Ruining My Life the Thesis: Ruining My Life, and type it in.

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